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James Alexander

Favourite Albums


In the latest in our series, in which a different one of our writers writes about a favourite album of his or her choice, James Alexander writes about ELO's much maligned 1978 album '"Out of the Blue'.



Excellent limited edition 7" single, with equally impressive B side, from Norwegian group reminiscent of Lush
"Sincere " offering from post hardcore outfit who have somehow ended up "sounding like the Cure."
Satisfying ambient led techno release with a melancholic edge ffrom Kitty Yo label that "improves with each listen."
"Warm and inviting" debut release by Italian post-rockers, which was engineered and recorded by M. Gira of Swans and Angels of Light fame.

Halifax Pier
Bad Religion

Reissued release of undefinable and vastly underrated "classic" latter period Swans record from 1995.
Meticulous, but "dull" second album from American acoustic chamber rock six piece
Both 'Faust Tapes' and the consecutively released '71 Minutes' prove to be "pretty much essential" reissues from the seventies German early pioneers of ambience.
Latest release from the Californian punk band proves to be almost exactly like every release Bad Religion have released since 1988's notorious 'Suffer'.

Leaving Trains
Linda Smith
Roberto Iolini
Tanya Donelly

New CD from long serving punk act the Leaving Trains, which is reminiscent in particular of the Replacements and the Stooges, but which also features a cover of Black Sabbath's 'Never Say Die.'
Inspired by a visit to poetess Emily Dickinson's one time home, American singer-songwriter Linda Smith's new CD is not without potential, but unfortunately is marred by a cheap and rushed production
Meandering, but unfortunately rather dated sounding compilation from Sydney based composer and prize winner at Soundscapes 2000 Amsterdam, Robert Iolini
"Dull" new EP from former Throwing Muses and Belly star

Vincent Gallo
Michael Gira / Dan Matz
Sons Of The Pioneers

"Impressive" 12' single from the always innovative Warp label.
This release is a songwriting collaboration between Michael Gira (Angels of light/ex-Swans) and Windsor for the Derby's D. Matz.As anyone who has followed Mr Gira's career over the last decade or so w
A slighty twee but nevertheless enjoyable collection of hits and misses from Chicago's 'Son's of the pioneers'. These are predominately cowboy sing a longs recorded in the 1940's, essentially for radi
Wolf are an instrumental outfit from North West London and their debut 'Rocket Science' is mightily impressive. If you are looking for reference points then ENO's 'Another Green World' is as good a p

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