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Roberto Iolini - Iolini

  by James Alexander

published: 20 / 1 / 2002

Roberto Iolini - Iolini
Label: Rer Megacorp
Format: CD


Meandering, but unfortunately rather dated sounding compilation from Sydney based composer and prize winner at Soundscapes 2000 Amsterdam, Robert Iolini

Somehow this seems a little dated. The 14 min plus centerpiece 'City in Between' lacks focus, shifting from spoken sections a la 'Revolution No 9' to Foetus- esque industrial meanderings. Some really dated sampling techniques don't help. John Adams did this in 1987. Then again it won a prize at Soundscapes 2000 Amsterdam so what do I know. This approach has been done far more successfully by Swans on their magnum opus 'Soundtracks For The Blind'. This is too smug in it's semi political "art terrorism". It sounds like it's designed for interpretive dance at your local art college final exams.

Track Listing:-
1 Edwin Armstrong
2 Congo
3 Zimbabwe
4 Lingo Babel
5 Whyitiso
6 City In Between
7 Secrets
8 Breaking The Seal
9 Anti Apocalypse

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