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Rer Megacorp


Bob Drake (2003)

13 Songs And A Thing
Bizarre guitar rock from American singer-songwriter and solo artist, Bob Drake

Faust (2002)

Faust Tapes
Both 'Faust Tapes' and the consecutively released '71 Minutes' prove to be "pretty much essential" reissues from the seventies German early pioneers of ambience.

Fred Firth (2003)

Eclectic album from unpredictable experimental composer, Fred Frith, which throws in elements of synth-pop, metal, electronica, indie and jazz

Ground Zero (2002)

Plays Standards
"Weird melange of free jazz, golden oldies, TV themes and pop songs" from humorously oddball and experimental, but "brilliant" Japanese group

Lutz Glandien (2004)

Lost In Rooms
Confusing and bafflinhg new album from avant-garde musician and experimentalist, Lutz Glandien

Lutz Glandien (2002)

5th Elephant
Heavy, but rewarding and decidely scary "cycle of... virtual electric songs that combine electronic aggression with Gothic and Industrial elements" from German composer Lutz Glandien

Necks (2002)

Hanging Gardens
"Slightly creepy, very Australian, melange of underwater atmospherics and brain-scrambling time signatures" from Sydney based trio.

Necks (2003)

Slow-burning recently re-released electronica from Australian trio the Necks, which, while regarded by fans as their high-water mark, definitely proves to be something of an acquired taste

Roberto Iolini (2002)

Meandering, but unfortunately rather dated sounding compilation from Sydney based composer and prize winner at Soundscapes 2000 Amsterdam, Robert Iolini

Tod Dockstader (2003)

Omniphony 1
Influential avant-garde early electronica that unfortunately proves to be less cutting-edge than its reputation belies

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