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Berwyn - Bodega, Nottingham, 19/3/2023

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 26 / 4 / 2023

Berwyn - Bodega, Nottingham, 19/3/2023

Berwyn Du Bois was born in Trinidad and moved to Romford, east London at the age of nine. He came from a musical background; his father worked as a DJ alongside his full time occupation as a bus driver. He went to the Royal Liberty School. Inspired by his music teacher, he would tag along to a folk club. He didn’t make it to university due to his uncertain immigration status despite getting decent grades. Because of this, he also struggled to find work, which was finally a factor in pursuing a career in music rather than working at a Subway franchise in a hospital. Berwyn’s output so far has begun with his outstanding debut mixtape, ‘DEMOTAPE/VEGA’, released in September 2020 – sparse mix of hip hop beats, soft accelerating rap and sometimes gospel-ish meanderings. A year later, his debut would be shortlisted for the Hyundai Mercury Prize album of the year. His next offering was just as brilliant as his debut, ‘TAPE 2/FOMALHAUT’ in 2021, which built on his unique style of Rap, hip hop, blues and just plain good Berwyn-ness. Dare I say it, it’s not as raw as the first. Both albums chart his life, loves and his struggles to keep going despite being homeless and cashless. The gig moved from the larger Rescue Rooms to the smaller, more intimate Bodega on the other side of Nottingham. This was quite a surprise as it was rammed by the time Berwyn appeared in a hoodie covering a white woolly hat and launched straight into his set. I think this also helped build the vibe that was growing slowly. This is one of the gigs I have been looking forward to the most since I booked it. So what is it, I hear you ask, about this east London rapper that makes a 50-something so excited to be part of his first tour? It could be that I'm uplifted everytime I hear his struggles and his optimism and somehow relate to it? Or it could just be Berwyn Du Bois? Having tried desperately to get a photo-pass and getting quite cheesed off when I was denied one, it was all forgotten once Berwyn took to the stage. It didn’t matter one jot. When times get tough, I play Berwyn. When he graced the Bodega stage he had a presence. He made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck in oceans and tides. He gently weaved his magic through most of his output so far including favourites ‘100,000,00’, ‘Trap Phone’ and ‘Vinyl’. He finished off with ‘Glory’ (which you might have seen on Jools Holland a while back). Everybody in the room was smiling. The vibe was so easy and laid back. As I walked back down the gloomy tight Bodega stairs afterwards, I had the feeling I had just witnessed a superstar.

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Berwyn - Bodega, Nottingham, 19/3/2023

Berwyn - Bodega, Nottingham, 19/3/2023

Berwyn - Bodega, Nottingham, 19/3/2023

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