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Bodega, Nottingham

Berwyn - (2023)
Berwyn - Bodega, Nottingham, 19/3/2023

Up and coming rapper Berwyn Du Bois commands a small Nottingham stage, proving he’s destined for bigger ones.

I Am Lono - (2021)
I Am Lono - Bodega, Nottingham, 27/2/2020

Dave Goodwin at the Bodega in Nottingham enjoys a night of dark post-punk/synth rock from promising new band I Am Lono.

Slow Readers Club - (2017)
Slow Readers Club - Bodega, Nottingham, 30/3/2017

Riding on the back of their tour with fellow Manchurians James, The Slow Readers Club set off on a tour of their own to massive acclaim especially in Nottingham where they sell out the Bodega

Spitfires - (2016)
Spitfires - Bodega, Nottingham, 10/9/2016

Dave Goodwin watches Watford indie rock quartet the Spitfires make a brilliant showing on the live circuit as they take their new album 'A Thousand Times' to The Bodega in Nottingham

Natalie McCool - (2016)
Natalie McCool - Bodega, Nottingham, 15/9/20!6

Dave Goodwin watches Natalie McCool play a first-rate set at Nottingham's Bodega on the back of releasing her new album 'The Great Unknown'.

Lorna - (2015)
Lorna - (With the Amber Heard). Bodega, Nottingham, 17/7/2015

Dave Goodwin enjoys a superb night at the Bodega in `Nottingham with two local acts, Lorna and the Amber Herd

Thurston Moore - (2014)
Thurston Moore - Thurston Moore/Mark Gardener - Bodega, Nottingham, 12/11/2014

At the intimate Bodega in Nottingham, Anthony Strutt watches ex-Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore, with Ride's Mark Gardener as support, play an intense but versatile set

Howler - (2014)
Howler - (Gig of a Lifetime) Bodega, Notttingham, March 2012

In 'Gig a Lifetime' Dave Goodwin recollects photographing an anarchic show from Minneapolis indie rock band Howler in Nottingham in 2012

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