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Zion Train - Illuminate

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 6 / 2020

Zion Train - Illuminate
Label: Universal Egg
Format: CD


Political but gentle reggae party sounds recorded across UK and Europe in first album in five years from Zion Train

Recorded in Cologne, Manchester, Turin, London, Murica, Birmingham, Pordenone, Leicester, Freiburg im Breisgau, Southampton and Venice, 'Illuminate', Zion Train's first album in five years, was mastered in Warsaw and Universal Egg Records managed to get me my LP at just 17,90 in the local store and before the official release date. They manage the revolution well! It comes with a reprint of the 'Leap Manifesto' by Naomi Klein and friends as the label and Zion Train support Stop Ecocide and Extinction Rebellion. 'Fateshifter' is the track radio ought to play off 'Illuminate' to get support. To propagate changes one doesn't need to lecture like a preacher or a Dutch Uncle. The best way is to dance and enjoy. Let the words sink in. "We face a planetary crisis." Review copies were sent on the 1st April by the way. 'Fateshifter' does not refer to COVID 19. 'Justified Silence', featuring Rider Shafique, is another song, a dubby hiphop ride, that demands wide exposure. There is a surprising, and beautiful and melodic contribution on 'Cultural Memories' from Michela Grena. A bit of dub opera if you like. There is back to roots reggae with Prince David on 'Unity', and really old-skool ska reggae with Brother Culture from Birmingham on 'Political Friction'. I am curious to know which public radio station dares to play this little gem. A complete change of style comes on the very deep 'Journey To A Collective Illusion' with a desert caravan touch to it taking you to La-La-Land. With its brass recorded by Conscious Sounds and flute at Jah Catalyst, I'd very much like to play the closing track 'On Bidston Hill' to the birds outside. Know what? I'll take 'Illuminate' to the local zoo and check what the inhabitants make of the album. Another indispensable releases from a farm in Wales.

Track Listing:-
1 We Shall Rise
2 Politrix
3 Watch Where
4 Justified Silence
5 Zion Train feat Cara - Biorhythm
6 Cultural Memories
7 Zion Train feat Cara - Fateshifter
8 Zion Train feat Prince David - Unity
9 Zion Train feat Jazzmin Tutum and El Natron - Don't Forget
10 Zion Train feat Lua - No Peace
11 Zion Train feat Brother Culture - Political Friction
12 Journey To A Collective Illusion
13 Up Bidston Hill

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