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Zion Train - State of Mind

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 15 / 10 / 2011

Zion Train - State of Mind
Label: Universal Egg
Format: CD


Inventive and visionary latest album from influential dub reggae act, Zion Train

The perfectly oiled reggae groove machine that Zion Train has developed into in their current existence between Wales and Cologne is shown off in superb style on 'State of Mind'. It's the latest full-length from the Universal Eggheads who on this occasion, challenge the Fibonaccis, tulip mania dating back to the Dutch Golden Age and psychological concepts. Whilst flirting with science, philosophy and psychology; all concepts way beyond the comprehension and perception of your average dubhead, Zion Train re-invent dub reggae and melt this with Euro disco roots grooves. Upfront club styles merge with a vision of new dub music. After having perfected the sound of UK reggae, Zion Train and their Universal Egg label, plus the Deep Root offshoot, released a string of releases showing the state of UK reggae music. The sad look in the lion's eyes on the sleeve perfectly sums up Zion Train's 'State of Mind' as it cannot be true that ... this would be the future of reggae or dub. Let's face facts, lions are destined to be extinct. The Zion Train lion looks like a pussy but on 'State of Mind' you will find plenty of places to prawl about, and even more where to set your paws into and sink your teeth into. Partly triumphant, partly endangered, Zion Train gently remind us of the boundaries of dub music. Bringing in brass arrangements and hammering keyboards, limits were easily set. Touching on the psychology of Wilhelm Reich and the mathematics of the Fibonaccis should not raise too much attention even when reciting their words take up all the printing space on the inner sleeve of the CD. 'State of Mind' foremost is and remains the new Zion Train album, not to be checked against the current crop. The insights into the depths of Reich, Fibonacci and new age occult further explain this 'State of Mind'. And ultimately, the missing link will crop up. On their latest album, Zion Train continue to pave the way. These are all steady beats and dub grooves.

Track Listing:-
1 Great Leap Forward
2 Rainbow Cildren
3 Matrameru
4 State Of Mind
5 Semper Augustus
6 Orgone Accumulation
7 Share The Flame
8 The Divine Proportion
9 The Black River Incident
10 Ital Stew
11 Tribute To Shura
12 Ari Hanta

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