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Zion Train - Original Sounds Of The Zion

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 6 / 6 / 2002

Zion Train - Original Sounds Of The Zion
Label: Universal Egg
Format: CD


Excellent fusion of "rock, club and dub "wrapped up together in " a huge belter of a sound" on the long standing Zion Train's fifth album 'Original Sounds of the Zion'

Dem a cross over! Zion Train stun their reggae fans with a set that rapidly evolves into a house party. The 5th Zion Train album arrives at platform Euro Disco, but be reassured. This is a trip that you will choose. The clubby sound of half of the album derives quite naturally from that area where dub needs more space. Purists will be taken back to comfortable memories of the old Zion Train dub by the end of this smooth ride, so do get your ticket but in the mean wait for a stonker of a surprise. Similar to the progression in Photek's music, the sidestep to clubhouse, serves not just a commercial purpose. Transforming the deep bass of dub to the popping basslines as found in clubhouse, Zion Train also add righteousness to clubhouse and make the word 'love' a genuine expression again. Whereas with Photek clubhouse sounds smart again. Okay, that sounds pretty smug, but it not my intention to degrade the Ferry Corstens and DJ Smutsies of today Clubhouse is still fine when blasting loud from the speakers in a club where communication is not the reason to congregate. On 'Original Sounds of The Zion' there is an urgency to dub those needs and this clubhouse injection exclamates the joy of playing and singing. If only the star DJs of today ever had a grasp on Zion Train's world, your Ibiza chart biggies wouldn't sound so bland and similar to each other. Zion Train push things to the limit on the terrific 'Beatmass' and fuse roots, rock and club together into a huge belter of a sound. There's guitars crashing in and out,which are lifted by dubby space effects and all of the time the murderous bass is like the ultimate software to one's bio rhythm. Through the stark raving lovely 'Beautiful Children' - they dance at the Goa beaches but their consciousnesses haven't gone astray - Zion Train travel back in history to ska and roots reggae, with 'Love Revolutionairy' coming right after. Now, this is what I call roots club reggae!

Track Listing:-
1 Zion High (featuring Dubdadda on vocals and Crispy horns)
2 Ellas Melody
3 Hailing Up The Selector (featuring Dubdadda on vocals)
4 Do U See Love (featuring Pat Fulgoni on vocals)
5 Blessed Is He (featuring Levi Roots on vocals)
6 Beatmass
7 Beautiful Children (featuring Molara on vocals)
8 Love Revolutionary (featuring Molara and Dubdadda on vocals)
9 King Of The Sounds And Blues (featuring Molara and Dubdadda on vocals)
10 Behold The Rainbow (featuring Dubdadda on vocals)
11 Peace And Justice (featuring Molara on vocals)
12 Earthquake

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