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Miscellaneous - September/October 2016

  by Admin

published: 30 / 9 / 2016

Miscellaneous - September/October 2016


Hello and welcome to the late September/October edition of the Pennyblackmusic Magazine. Eighteen years is a long time to do anything. During that time...

Hello and welcome to the late September/October edition of the Pennyblackmusic Magazine. Eighteen years is a long time to do anything. During that time governments rise and fall, empires are built and lost, and bands break up irrevocably and get back together or have box set and expanded editions of their albums from before released. This month our Pennyblack baby comes of age. This site has come a long way from its beginnings as an indie music shop with a magazine on the side, to what it is now, a magazine which on the side organises Bands Nights semi-regularly in London and more occasionally in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester. The size of the magazine has grown as well. In the very early days we put online two or three articles a month largely written by one person (me), and it has risen since then until what it is now, a publication publishing approximately seventy articles a month and featuring the work of thirty regular writers. People sometimes ask why Pennyblackmusic has lasted as long as it has. I think a certain amount of bloody-mindedness has on behalf of both myself and my co-manager and our webmaster Richard Banks had a lot to do with it. We have also been surrounded by a continuously excellent team of writers and photographers, and their energy, their enthusiasm and ideas have kept us going when our own might have started to wane. We have also always come at things as outsiders and done things on our own, but that far from being a negative we see as a positive. It has given us a lot of creative freedom, which if we had been sponsored or a more corporate site we would never have had. Things, therefore, remain fresh for us. We continue to expand, and there has never been simply any need for us to stop. Normally it is traditional for me in these editorials to highlight at least the main articles in a magazine, but this month and with this edition I think I would rather let things stand on their own terms. Thank you to all of our current team of Carl Bookstein, Kimberly Bright, Malcolm Carter, Nicky Crewe, Dastardly, Nick Dent-Robinson, Anthony Dhanendran, Dixie Ernill, Tony Gaughan, Cat Goodwin, Dave Goodwin, Tommy Gunnarsson, Marie Hazelwood, Keith How, Ben Howarth. Adrian Huggins, Fiona Hutchings, Adrian Janes, Steve Kinrade, Richard Lewis, Erick Mertz, Mary O’Meara, Chris O’Toole, Owen Peters, Jamie Rowland, Mark Rowland, Billy Seagrave, Harry Sherriff, Dominic Simpson, Melanie Smith, Anthony Strutt, Lisa Torem, Paul Waller and Denzil Watson for their help and part in getting us this far. Special thanks to Richard for the last eighteen years. We will be back in mid October with an album and singles reviews only update, and then towards the end of the month with a full update with interviews, features, live reviews and more album and single reviews. We hope to feature interviews then with Mike Peters, Six by Seven, the Curse of Lono, TexasBob Juarez, the Eastern Swell and Aug Stone and the Love Conspiracy. Please don’t forget to check out our regular Facebook and Twitter updates. Thank you as always for reading Pennyblackmusic. John Clarkson Magazine Editor www.pennyblackmusic.co.uk Email: john.clarkson@pennyblackmusic.co.uk

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