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Morrissey - World Peace is None of Your Business

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 2 / 9 / 2014

Morrissey - World Peace is None of Your Business
Label: Harvest Records
Format: CD


Excellent tenth solo album and first record in five years from Morrissey, which finds him on controversial form

This was the first studio album by Steven Patrick Morrissey in five years, and within three weeks of its relase at the end of July he had been kicked off his new label Harvest for upsetting them. In the meantime since his last album 'Ringleader of the Tormentors' in 2009, we have had his 'Autobiography' in which he moaned a lot about one person or other, a lot of cancelled gigs, and in the last few months there have been remasters of his earlier albums, 1992's 'Your Arsenal' and 1994's 'Vauxhall and I', both with live DVD concerts. Morrissey has always been outspoken, and, while coming over shy, he is not. He just doesn't like people. The sleeve of 'World Peace is None of Your Business' sees him talking poetry with a dog, whom he probably enjoys the company of more than humans. In my eyes this is a damn fine album, with decent, well-executed songs, but now he has real competition as Johnny Marr is back in the game, giving Smiths fans what they really want with a new album and tour in October. 'World Peace is None of Your Business' has been co-written with three of his bandmates, his regular songwriting partner Boz Boorer, and also Jesse Tobias and Gustavo Manzur. It opens with the title track, which starts off with an American Indian style chant, before Morrissey goes political on us, stating clearly that we have nothing to moan about if we vote for politicans whom often get everything wrong. 'Neal Cassady Drops Dead' is a tribute to the United States beat poet of the the late 1950s and 1960s. It has a driven, fuzzed-up sound, and concludes with Morrissey singing about diseases. 'I'm Not a Man' finds him on somewhat unfamiliar territory. Its tune is like a haunting film soundtrack, while his vocal is calm and reflective as puts down what is expected of men today. He is so much better than the rest of us though, right? 'Istanbul' is a possible single. Here he sings as if he is at peace with the world, but he still has a lot to say, this time taking his politics aboard. 'Earth is the Loneliest Planet' features some of his best ever poetry. It has a mature European soundtrack behind it, which combines Paris cafe music with hints of Spanish flamenco guitar and is absolutely lovely. The pleasant-sounding 'Staircase at the University' is a calling for us Morrisey fans to rejoice, before he tells us if we fail in exams then we will dissapoint both the family and our boyfriend. 'The Bullfighter Dies' finds Morrissey smiling at the thought of a bullfighter being ripped to shreds by his bull. 'Kiss Me a Lot' finds him in a happier fame of mind. A sweet-sounding, summer-based number. it starts off as an electro number, then becomes Mexican in sound and after that Spanish, both countries that love him more than the Brits do. 'Smiler with a Knife' finds him returning to his rough, early roots. It is, misearble in tone, but played acoustically, all done with the pace of early Leonard Cohen. 'Kick The Bride down the Aisle' is Morrissey at his best, and, although not politically correct, will please a lot of people. 'Mountjoy' finds him singing about death again and, acoustic at its start, sees him embracing the door that has almost opened for him a number of times recently. 'Oboe Concerto' concludes 'World Peace is None of Your Business' in mellow fashion. It is a decent ending number for one of his best albums in a solo career that has lasted now some 26 years. Viva Morrissey!

Track Listing:-
1 World Peace Is None Of Your Business
2 Neal Cassady Drops Dead
3 I'm Not A Man
4 Istanbul
5 Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
6 Staircase At The University
7 The Bullfighter Dies
8 Kiss Me A Lot
9 Smiler With Knife
10 Kick The Bride Down The Aisle
11 Mountjoy
12 Oboe Concerto

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