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Cloud Control - Dream Cave

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 15 / 10 / 2013

Cloud Control - Dream Cave
Label: Infectious Music
Format: CD


Instantly uplifting second album from upbeat Australian indie pop outfit, Cloud Control

‘Dream Cave’ is the second album from Australian four-piece, Cloud Control. As they grew up together in the Blue Mountains, it’s not hard to imagine that the wonderful scenery there had some sort of sonic effect on the youngsters. The fact that the band, completed by Alister Wright on vocals and guitar, Heidi Lenffer on vocals and keyboards, Ulrich Lenffer on drums and Jeremy Kelshaw on vocals and bass guitar, have grown up playing music together really shows as everything sits together well and radiates happiness with the band’s upbeat sounds and gleeful vocals. ‘Moonrabbit’ and ‘Scar’ have an air of McCartney-style Beatles about them (in a good way). ‘Island Living’ has a more bleak sound to it with a wonderful bass line that fills out the low end of the soundscape perfectly while the vocal harmonies get to work weaving their magic around the higher end in an almost Cardigans fashion, ‘The Smoke, The Feeling’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ carry on that deeper vibe, and we hear more there of Alister Wright’s shining, soaring guitars. I think Cloud Control could definitely be the soundtrack to the happiest of adolescences and young adulthoods. I don’t think you could listen to them and help but be uplifted, but there’s no stickiness or mush to it which is very refreshing. There is a great level of the understated about them and I’d imagine their ‘togetherness’, if you will, is to blame for this. Nothing is over the top and there’s no jostling for position. It’s all just perfectly balanced.

Track Listing:-
1 Scream Rave
2 Dojo Rising
3 Promises
4 Moonrabbit
5 Island Living
6 The Smoke, The Feeling
7 Scar
8 Happy Birthday
9 Ice Age Heatwave
10 Tombstone
11 Dream Cave

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