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Cloud Control


Interview (2011)

Tara McEvoy talks to Australian folk pop outfit Cloud Control at a show in Belfast to promote their debut album 'Bliss Release' about their reading habits, and the highs and lows for them so far of working in the music industry


Stiff Kitten, Belfast, 6/4/2011

Tara McEvoy watches Australian folk pop outfit Cloud Control play an exhilarating set in an incredible night at the Stiff Kitten in Belfast


Dream Cave (2013)

Instantly uplifting second album from upbeat Australian indie pop outfit, Cloud Control

Bliss Release (2011)

Startingly mature and totally compelling debut album from Australian pop act, Cloud Control

There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight (2011)

Boundary-breaking and totally infectious second single from Australian band, Cloud Control

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