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Vinny Peculiar - Sometimes I Feel Like a King

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 10 / 9 / 2009

Vinny Peculiar - Sometimes I Feel Like a King
Label: Shadrack and Duxbury
Format: CD


Superb eighth album from always diverse Manchester-based singer-songwriter Vinny Peculiar who has played with ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead and former Smiths members, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon, in the past

The latest album from Manchester-based singer-songwriter Vinny Peculiar appears in a plain sleeve, which is entirely white other than a blue poppy on it. Vinny has played with ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead and former Smiths members, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon, in the past. Other than telling us who designed the cover, the track titles, and that all the songs except one were written by Vinny under his real name of Alan Wilkes, there is no other information on the sleeve or about who is in his band this time. The album opens with its title track, ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a King’, which is sung by Vinny like a hymn. It sounds like a sad U2 or Coldplay number, but, as it moves slowly along, it develops gospel-style harmonies and towards the end becomes more uplifting. ‘Welfare Statement’ is upbeat, crisp and very poppy. It draws comparison with one of Hefner's finest moments and Vinny is as poetic on it as Morrissey addressing the state of the nation. ‘Success’ is fresh and perky with a husky vocal, and is a real foot tapper with its decent and solid rhythm, while ‘Blind Man's Bluff’ is sung in a narrative way and has minimalistic backing. ‘Uniform’ is upfront and sung loudly and played by Vinny like Steve Wynn on fire. It is a song to wake you up. On ‘Action Speaks Louder’ Vinny again sounds like Wynn. It is sunny and reflective at the same time with its gentle music recalling the solo work of George Harrison. ‘To Hell with Fashion’ is again like Wynn. It is loud and aggressive, and a song to make you move your feet and, more or less a sin to me, to make you spill your overpriced pint. It has a hard rocking Television sound. The Cowboy Junkies’ 'Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning’ is the only cover version here. It is very radio friendly and, like mid 70’s Roxy Music number, in contrast to the more melancholic original is a great song to start your day with as the sun shines outside.‘Inertia’, however, is more downbeat, and, with an element of the Beatles, is doomy in its sound. ‘Nurse of the Year’ sounds like Bowie covering Hefner, while ‘Women and Men’ which closes the album is a well-paced piano ballad. ‘Sometimes I Feel Like A King’ is a superb album from an always thoughtful, witty and versatile singer-songwriter.

Track Listing:-
1 Sometimes I Feel Like A King
2 Welfare Statement
3 Success
4 Blind Man's Bluff
5 Uniform
6 Actions Speak Louder
7 To Hell With Fashion
8 Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning
9 Inertia
10 Nurse Of The Year
11 Women And Men

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