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Shadrack and Duxbury


Vinny Peculiar (2009)

Sometimes I Feel Like a King
Superb eighth album from always diverse Manchester-based singer-songwriter Vinny Peculiar who has played with ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead and former Smiths members, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon, in the past

Vinny Peculiar (2015)

Down the Bright Stream
Fantastic latest solo album from under-rated Manchester-based singer-songwriter, Vinny Peculiar

Vinny Peculiar (2016)

Silver Meadows
First-rate concept album from English singer-songwriter and musician Vinny Peculiar, which was inspired by his experiences in the 1980s and early 1990s working as a mental health nurse

Vinny Peculiar (2018)

Return of the Native
Evocative fourteenth solo album from English cult singer-songwriter Vinny Peculiar which was inspired by him returning to live in his childhood home of Worcestershire

Vinny Peculiar (2019)

While You Still Can
Irreverent and frequently hilarious but also thought-provoking new album from singer-songwriter Vinny Peculiar about the current political landscape

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