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Glasvegas - Academy 2, Manchester, 17/9/2008

  by Aaron Brown

published: 28 / 10 / 2008

Glasvegas - Academy 2, Manchester, 17/9/2008


At the Manchester Academy, Aaron Brown finds much acclaimed and rapidly rising Scottish discordant rockers Glasvegas to be the first band in a long time that he has seen that can translate their big sound to a live stage

Glasgow has invaded Manchester…..Again. This time however, they aren’t down to watch their football get a hiding and then go on the rampage as if the dole office had closed down. This time it is different as Glasvegas are in town. Fresh from debuting at number two in the album charts, this band have become the must see act and for once it is based on merit, talent and pure magic. They kick off with the sublime 'Flowers and Football Tops', and the crowd many of whom have caught this band at festivals throughout the summer are whipped into a frenzy. This band has through constant graft and continuous touring honed a powerful emotive sound to rival many a stadium act touring today. Recent release and my single of the year, 'Geraldine', goes down a treat. It can be said about the band it that there isn’t much inter crowd band reaction, Glasvegas staying quiet and brooding throughout their set. Perhaps the song of the night for me and the possible the entire sold out audience of the Academy is the sing-a-long 'Daddy’s Gone', which sounds like the Mary Chain would if they had learned to sing and stopped being so miserable. This band is first band in a long time I have seen that can translate their big sound to a live stage; nothing is lost in the delivery. Metallica may have had unfair advantage gaining number one album spot by releasing their album a few days early. Fair enough I say, but Glasvegas’ self-titled debut is the only album on my list this year. Download the Metallica album for free, as I believe they don’t care.

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Glasvegas - Academy 2, Manchester, 17/9/2008

Glasvegas - Academy 2, Manchester, 17/9/2008

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Interview (2008)
Glasvegas - Interview
With their debut album due out in September, Aaron Brown chats to much acclaimed Scottish-based indie guitar group Glasvegas at a gig in Manchester about life, their music and their famous influential friends.

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