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Interview (2008)

Glasvegas - Interview

With their debut album due out in September, Aaron Brown chats to much acclaimed Scottish-based indie guitar group Glasvegas at a gig in Manchester about life, their music and their famous influential friends.


KOKO, London, 15/3/2011

Glasvegas - KOKO, London, 15/3/2011

Anthony Strutt watches influential 80's electro act Blancmange make a triumphant return to the London stage at the KOKO in Camden after an absence of twenty three years

Academy 2, Manchester, 17/9/2008

Glasvegas - Academy 2, Manchester, 17/9/2008

At the Manchester Academy, Aaron Brown finds much acclaimed and rapidly rising Scottish discordant rockers Glasvegas to be the first band in a long time that he has seen that can translate their big sound to a live stage

Night and Day, Manchester, 5/2/2008

Glasvegas - Night and Day, Manchester, 5/2/2008

Rising stars Glasvegas marry the Jesus and Mary Chain’s squalling feedback fetish and Phil Spector’s 60's wall of sound. Dixie Ernill at the Night and Day in Manchester finds them a stunning as an aural and visual spectacle.



Soundhouse, Bolton, 25/3/2011 All Sides - Soundhouse, Bolton, 25/3/2011

In an over indulgent show, Dixie Ernill finds that Glasvegas have lost a lot of their initial magix at the Bolton Soundhouse

Velocity, Dunfermline, 15/1/2011 Love And Money - Velocity, Dunfermline, 15/1/2011

At a low key, but memorable gig to road test their forthcoming second album, Tony Gaughan at Velocity in Dunfermline finds the new line-up of Glasvegas to be on fantastic form

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