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Kelly Smith - Reviews

She and Him

A Very She and Him Christmas
Wonderful collection of Christmas song covers from She and Him, the project of Hollywood actress Zooey Deschanel and acclaimed indie musician M Ward

Funeral For A Friend

See You All in Hell
Fantastic combination of new tracks, re-mixes and live performances, this is a welcome on nine track EP from Funeral For A Friend, which serves as an appendage to their recent @Welcome Home Armageddon' album


Boo Shuffle
Gorgeous vinyl only comeback single from still under-rated girl group the Pipettes, who have returned as two-piece

Jason Downs

Bitch of the Week
Catchy first single in a decade from anti-authoritative American singer Jason Downs, which nevertheless finds him resting on past successes

We Are The Ocean

Go Now and Live
Fantastic second album from Essex-based post-hardcore collective, We Are The Ocean

Wakey! Wakey!

Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said
Comforting-sounding orchestral folk-pop on debut album from Wakey! Wakey!,the project of Brooklyn-based musician and One Tree Hill actor, Michael Grubbs

Owen Franklin

Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist
Unpolished, yet highly promising second album from 19 year old Manchester-based singer-songwriter, Owen Franklin

Click Five

Underwhelming and repetitive indie rock on third album from Boston-based band, the Click Five

Mojo Fury

Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus
Endearingly eccentric, yet unsatisfying debut album from Northern Irish rock outfit, Mojo Fury

Funeral For A Friend

Welcome Home Armageddon
Fanbulous fifth album from pioneering Welsh hardcore act, Funeral For a Friend


Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
Unique disco funk on latest single from Sacramento-based collective, !!!


NME Album 2009
Predictable, but pleasant double CD compilation of tracks from some of the NME's favourite bands of the year, including Temper Trap, Enter Shikari, the Horrors, the Enemy, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Kasabian and Maximo Park

Arctic Monkeys

Challenging third album from the Arctic Monkeys, which finds them growing out of and far beyond the upbeat indie tunes of their beginnings

Frank Turner

The First Three Years
Melancholic, but ultimately inspirational compilation album from acoustic folk punk Frank Turner, which sums up his first three years as a solo artist after leaving Million Dead


O My Stars
Quietly powerful and memorable second album from the Weightlifters, the project of Chicago-based singer-songwriter Adam McLaughlin

Lauren Harris

Your Turn
Over hyped new single from Lauren Harris, the daughter of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris, which,while radio friendly, comes across as tired-sounding and lacklustre

One Night Stand in North Dakota

Dworkin's Bastard
Softly powerful debut album from self-labelled DIY, Feminist, Vegan, Acousti-core Durham-based two piece, One Night Stand in North Dakota


The Elephant in the Room
Catchy indie punk on first album from powerful-sounding American band Blackmarket


Suprisingly melodic part rock, part metal debut album from highly promising new Welsh band Lethargy


I Gotta Go
Excellent debut single from chaotic, but energetic Scottish-based five piece, the Soviets

Late Review

Diving In Too Deep
Stilted, hesitant ska funk on debut single from south east-based English trio, the Late Review


Kiss or Kill
Excellent combination of pop punk and hardcore on constantly surprising debut album from 80's-influenced Los Angeles-based rock act Endeverafter


The Same Thing that Makes You Live
Passable, but thoroughly predictable low-key indie pop from Lake District-based six piece, Obrigado

Black Light Burns

Cover Your Heart
Enjoyable, but somewhat mundane covers album from Black Light Burns, the current project of former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland


Cut Out
Understated, but endearing new download only single from South London-based indie guitar band, Ray


The English Way
Highly impressive new single involving a choir from Fightstar, the first from an as-yet-untitled new album which is due out next year

Last Shadow Puppets

My Mistakes Were Made For You
Melancholic, but dull and forgettable third single from the Last Shadow Puppets' much acclaimed and hyped debut album

Enter Shikari

We Can Breathe in Space, They Just Don't Want Us to Leave
Inventive stand-alone vinyl only single from ever original and enthusiastic metal act, Enter Shikari

Sound and Fury

Sound and Fury
Old-fashioned, ballsy old school punk on impressive debut album from Toronto-based band, Sound and Fury

Hold Fire

Power Cuts
Inoffensively solid debut single from Brighton indie pop four-piece, Hold Fire

I Am Ghost

Those We Leave Behind
Camply melodramatic, but entertaining emo metal on fast and punchy second album from Californian quintet, I am Ghost

Without Thought

Get Down and Give Me Infinity
Potentially promising debut album from new screamo band Without Thought who still need some fine tuning


Rhyme for Smalltime
Stunning bluesy, funky, Southern-sounding rock on debut album from Kingskin, whose achievement is made all the greater by the fact that they come from Dover in England

Lords of Bastard

Lords of Bastard
Disappointing debut album from Scottish stoner group Lords of Bastard, which is ruined by its heavy production

Is Shepherd

Impressive mini-album debut CD from distinctive-sounding Newcastle indie group Is Shepherd

Black Lungs

Send Flowers
Quietly powerful second album from Black Lungs, the project of Alexisonfire vocalist/guitarist Wade MacNeill which proves to be softer and more melodic than his post-hardcore main band

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