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Mojo Fury - Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus

  by Kelly Smith

published: 6 / 4 / 2011

Mojo Fury - Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus
Label: Graphite Records
Format: CD


Endearingly eccentric, yet unsatisfying debut album from Northern Irish rock outfit, Mojo Fury

Mojo Fury, as far as I can gather from my research, are a Northern Irish band of the rock variety who have three or four members at any one time, and no online source could confirm the members more specifically than that. 'Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus' is their first full length album, following their 2007 debut EP, 'Visiting Hours'. Opening track 'The Mann' has scratchy vocals and a heavy rhythm led sound that works best during the chorus, where you can hear drummer-turned-singer Michael Mormecha combined with the more melodic side of the band. By the end, it sounds as though they all need a good lie down. As openers go, it’s as energetic as any I’ve heard. Lyrically, the album is a little bit out there. The repeated scream "MY CAKE! MY CAKE!" during 'The Lemon Marine' (and the worrying line "I made a cake and I put a horse in it") is just plain weird, but also slightly endearing. Without this eccentricity I don’t think I would have enjoyed the album nearly as much as I did. Other classic examples include "Unlucky there Mister/You’ll never be your brother’s sister" ('Deep Fish Tank (Factory Settings)') and "Is the ground getting higher?/Or are the birds flying lower?" ('The Mann'). This album is full of ups and downs. The ups are furiously fast-paced, exciting indie rock tracks with the potential to be huge hits ('Kill Cock Robin', 'We Should Just Run Away'). The downside of this, however, is that in some cases they haven’t known to quit while they’re ahead. 'What a Secret' starts and builds into what is essentially a great sounding song, but at over 5 minutes in length it is the very definition of repetitive. This is a complaint I could level at much of the album – the songs just go on for too long. Even the ones which are three minutes long – something happens to Mojo Fury in the last 30 seconds of their tracks which makes me reach for the skip track button. Mojo Fury are probably amazing live. I’ve never seen them, but I’d certainly give them a go if this album is an indication of their energy and passion. On the basis of this CD alone, however, I’m ambivalent towards them as a band. I’m confused that having listened to the album several times, I still don’t know if I like it or not. My recommendation would be that you give it a go, if only for the freaky lyrics, but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you don’t fall in love by track 10.

Track Listing:-
1 The Mann
2 Bones
3 Colour Of The Year
4 Deep Fish Tank (Factory Settings)
5 We Should Just Run Away
6 Pill Pigeon Is An Orange Wheel
7 What A Secret
8 Lemon Marine
9 Kill Cock Robin
10 Electric Sea

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