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Kelly Smith - Interviews

Ghost of a Thousand

Ghost of a Thousand - Interview

Up-and-coming Brighton-based group the Ghost of a Thousand speak to Kelly Smith about their frantic live schedule and just released debut album, 'New Hopes, New Demonstrations'

In Case of Fire

In Case of Fire - Interview

Kelly Smith chats to hardworking Irish punk pop trio at a gig in Newcastle supporting Fightstar about their heavy schedule of touring and just released debut album, 'Align the Planets'


Fightstar - Interview

Kelly Smith chats to increasingly acclaimed post-hardcore emo band Fightstar about touring with Feeder and their third full length album which is due out early next year

We are Kings

We are Kings - Interview

Kelly Smith speaks to Travis Clark, lead singer of excitable Florida-based pop punksters We The Kings, about touring and his band's just-released and self-titled debut album

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