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Lethargy - Purification

  by Kelly Smith

published: 11 / 12 / 2008

Lethargy - Purification
Label: Powerage Records
Format: CD


Suprisingly melodic part rock, part metal debut album from highly promising new Welsh band Lethargy

Here’s something that would really help me. If all the bands would Google names before they decided on what to call themselves, so as to avoid the confusion when I search for any information on them and I find out Lethargy are a New York based band that went their separate ways in 1999. That’s amazing, I thought – how are they releasing this? But yes, you’ve guessed it – wrong Lethargy. Which technically is fine, since the other one had split up, but it doesn’t show much initiative in the way of names. Surely all the words haven’t been taken yet – where are all the bands called Duvet, or Step-Ladder? I don’t know. I’m not reviewing Step-Ladder. I’m reviewing Lethargy the second. Hailed by Classic Rock magazine as “the next great rock band”, they’re now releasing their first album with Powerage Records. Part rock, part metal, part surprisingly melodic, Lethargy are a band who warrant a second listen. Particularly on songs such as opener ‘Stealth’ and ‘A Lost Adoration’ and especially on ‘Ideal Orphans’, lead singer Phil Humphreys’ voice sounds amazing, with a touch of Soundgarden amongst the heavy riffs. For the most part, this is a great album. I’m just not sure if they’re the best people making this kind of music right now. Lethargy are a Welsh band, but their sound is almost entirely American, which doesn’t set them apart as much as if they reined in their tendencies to add a US twang onto the tracks here. Some of the songs are lacking depth, and although Humphreys goes a long way to adding that alone, it’s sometimes not quite enough. Having said that, Lethargy achieve a really solid sound throughout the album, although sometimes it sounds like they need a little something more to cement the tracks together. Lethargy are a band to give hairdressers nightmares, but they have the music to back up their more than modest build up from Classic Rock magazine. You’ll know within the first two minutes whether this is going to be your favourite record of all time; it’s not mine, but that’s not to say they haven’t done a damn good job. A little bit more practise and experience, and Lethargy could be kings of the British rock scene.

Track Listing:-
1 Stealth
2 Innocence Serene
3 Lost Adoration
4 Ideal Orphans
5 14:9
6 Convenient Ignorant Amnesia
7 I See Man's End In His Construction
8 Inertia
9 Bleachin' Bones
10 Purification
11 Fragile Crystal Dream

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