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Julia Willis - Reviews


Branches And Routes
27 track double compilation that celebrates the first 6 years of the Fat Cat,and which, while offering few surprises, nevertheless still proves to be "inspired listening"

Eyes Adrift

Eyes Adrift
Slow burning "reflective grunge country", featuring former Nirvana bassist, which while initially unappealing, definiely proves to be something of a grower

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

"Raw and uninhibited" twelfth album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, recorded in the space of a week during last year's Australian tour


Heathen Chemistry
Predictably catchy, but uninspiring and unoriginal jukebox pop from the Gallagher brothers

Reindeer Section

Son Of Evil Reindeer
"Divinely sweet and simple" retrun to childhood innocence from Scottish super group consisting of members of the Snow Patrol, Idlewild, Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian, and Arab Strap

Fonda 500

No 1 Hifi Hair
Infectious 60's inspired pop from acclaimed Hull super group back with a third album


Unoriginal debut album in the Amos-Harvey mould from Dutch singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles


Title TK
"Highly personal and contemplative" and umcompromisingly "real" third album, and first new record in nine years, from former Pixies star Kim Deal's the Breeders


Girls Get Busy
"Musically unremarkable" second album from the reformed Riot Grrrl group, Bratmobile, which unfortunately "sets back equality about twenty years"

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