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Fonda 500 - No 1 Hifi Hair

  by Julia Willis

published: 22 / 6 / 2002

Fonda 500 - No 1 Hifi Hair
Label: Truck
Format: CD


Infectious 60's inspired pop from acclaimed Hull super group back with a third album

Agh! But I wanna listen to it! Shhhh, just for a while, be quiet… SHAN’T! Stamping of feet from the child and a reticent sigh from me, alright then, you can listen to it Just.once.more. My inner child’s new favourite band is Fonda 500 and it won’t let me forget about it. Fonda 500 was blasted into space as a foetus in the 1960s as an experiment, with only a collection of sixties’ 12” LPs, a casio keyboard and a plastic tambourine for company. It endlessly circumnavigated the globe, never growing up, not of this world yet intrinsically and inescapably from earth, with its four-track composing, contemplating, observing and all-knowing. It sampled sounds of the ether, sounds of the cosmos and galaxies, sounds of space. A pupil of the universe, it cloned itself and now it is four. The inner child’s limbs loosen as it hears the music arrive crackling across the airwaves and it smiles and gurgles and bobs up and down joyously dislodging nascent memories. The music skips along, the child gets that faraway look, as it connects with the distant Fonda500 collective somewhere above the earth spinning round and round. All-knowing. Don’t wait any longer for we are amongst you now…

Track Listing:-
1 Number Hi Fi Hour
2 Bumble A Bumble B Bumble C Bumble D
3 The Magic Sunshine Butterfly
4 Nicholas Number 2
5 Introduction To Slow Wildlife
6 Number Dt 2580
7 Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy
8 Rua Robot
9 The Mexican Swimathon
10 Why Context Is Essential To Us And Everyone
11 There Is No Light Brighter Than The Light Of Love
12 Nicholas Number One
13 Animal Of Airs
14 The Colours And The Bird Songs Are One In The Same
15 Spell Out Love Avec Moi
16 The Five Double O In Super Special Stereo

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