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Fonda 500


Interview (2004)

Fonda 500 - Interview

Battling against the perils of a soundcheck and an over enthusiastic DJ, Anthony Dhanendran's interview with Fonda 500 at a recent London gig goes disastrously wrong, but still manages to come to a happy conclusion


Abcdelp (2004)

Enjoyably "stupidly happy pop" on latest offering from Hull-based musical mavericks Fonda 500, which manages "to stay just on the right side of twee"

Spectrumatronicalogical Sounds (2003)

Life-affirming, infectious and uplifting indie rock from maverick Hull-based popsters, Fonda 500

Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy (2002)

"Refreshingly different", but occasionally over- quirky new single from the always inventive Fonda 500

No 1 Hifi Hair (2002)

Infectious 60's inspired pop from acclaimed Hull super group back with a third album

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