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Fonda 500 - Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy

  by Lisa Mundy

published: 24 / 7 / 2002

Fonda 500 - Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy
Label: Truck
Format: CD


"Refreshingly different", but occasionally over- quirky new single from the always inventive Fonda 500

You could call this single electronica, but it's not beard-stroking enough. You could call it pop, but it's way too subversive for that. And it could almost be indie, but you can’t really hear any guitars. Hull's Fonda 500 have often been compared to Super Furry Animals, but luckily they manage to stay fresh enough to avoid the wishy-washy bland tendencies of their Welsh contemporaries. The title track ‘Computer Freaks of the Galaxy’, taken from the Fonda’s second LP ‘No. 1 Hi-fi Hair’, has an insanely upbeat pop edge, complimented by nonsensical lyrics about "BMX-ing with the bumblebees". The mainly electronic backing sounds like Blur’s ‘Girls and Boys’ remixed by Kevin Shields, but thankfully is free of Damon Albarn mockney-ing all over it. "The colours and the birdsongs are one and the same" repeats the title mantra-like on the second track until it almost makes sense. Again there is a relentless cheeriness; you find yourself nodding your head along and joining in with the handclaps. Although this entire single is trying to sound like it was made in someone’s bedroom, it isn’t shabby or amateurish; there are obviously accomplished musicians at work here. ‘The 500 Mobile’ lets the side down a little; there is more guitar, bass and drums than on the other two songs, which somehow ruins the effect. About one minute in it slides into ‘crap band rehearsing in Dad’s garage’ territory, then there are a series of phone interviews conducted by robots, which is pointless to say the least. Although it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, no one outside of the band's social circle would find the jokes about band members and producers funny. Fonda 500 sound refreshingly different from the gazillion bog-standard indie and garage bands around at the moment. Although they may be a little too quirky for some, and at times are almost a little too clever for their own good, it would be hard to listen to this single without a smile on your face.

Track Listing:-
1 Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy
2 The Colours And The Birdsongs Are One And The Same
3 The 500 Mobile

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