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Julia Willis - Live Music Reviews


Nebula - Underworld, London, 18/3/2004

Jula Willis finds herself caught up in a hallucinatory frenzy at the London Underworld she watches thunderbolt sets from Nebula and Winnebago Deal


Mission - West End Centre, Aldershot, 28/5/2003

Julia Willis has been a fan of both Wayne Hussey and the Mission for years, but at the West End Centre in Aldershot she is forced to reflect on how some things aren't meant to last...


Slackers - Minerva, Southend, 10/5/2003

Playing in the world's most dismal toilet venue, and against a crowd of skinhead thugs, New York reggae seven piece the Slackers manage to transcend the grim circumstances, and to play "quite honestly the greatest gig" that Julia Willis has ever seen


Liars - London Dingwalls, 7/8/2002

Julia Willis has a miserable time at a recent Sonic Mook Experiment showcase gig, which is only partially alleviated by headliners, the Liars....


Fosca - London Water Rats, 2/8/2002

No trainers but dress shoes, and red wine drunk on stage instead of beer ? A kitsch but cool set of programme notes handed out to all who enter ? Julia Willis attends the very unconventional launch gig for Fosca's second album 'Diary of an Antibody'


Oasis - London Finsbury Park, 5/7/2002

One of the most hyped up outdoor events of the year, Oasis recently played two shows at London's Finsbury Park with the Charlatans amongst the support. Up against the rain, Julia Willis witnesses rock 'n' roll at its most extreme and very worst

Icarus Line

Icarus Line - Oxford Zodiac, 6/7/2002

One of the big hitters of the current punk revival, American group the Icarus Line have been gigging in both the UK and Europe. Despite being the subject of a recent PB interview, Julia Willis thinks she has entered Hell at a recent Oxford show


D4 - Brighton Centre Point, 10/7/2002

Garage punks D4 recently concluded a two week British tour. In the first of two reviews of the tour, Julia Willis finds energy infectiously "high", but originality "low" at a Brighton show


Breeders - London Mean Fiddler, 2/6/2002

In the first our two Breeders reviews this month, and in what was otherwise for her the best gig of the year, Julia Willis finds herself in good company with the band and falling foul of security


Miscellaneous - London Garage, 15/6/2002

Despite being recently dropped by WEA, Sona Fariq prove to be on explosive form at a recent gig at the London Garage. Julia Willis finds the band making "music to break out of high-security prisons by."

Hundred Reasons

Hundred Reasons - Reading University, 17/6/2002

With their debut album at ' Ideas Above Our Station' at number two in the HMV chart, Julia Willis goes to see local lads Hundred Reasons at Reading University , but comes to the conclusion that "nothing stifles creativity more than the pursuit of fame"

Ikara Colt

Ikara Colt - London Astoria, 20/4/2002

Despite a general buzz about Ikara Colt in the music press, Julia Willis is disappointed when she catches them at the London Astoria


Idlewild - London Astoria, 20/4/2002

In the first of two Idlewild live reviews which we are running this month, Idlewild novice Julia Willis finds the band in rocking form at the London Astoria

Miles Hunt

Miles Hunt - London Dingwalls, 4/4/2002

Hard swearing but talented, former Wonder Stuff star Miles Hunt is back with both a new album and a new band. Julia Willis finds one of her all-time favourite rock heroes in typicaly acidic form at London Dingwall's

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