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EDIE - Shades

  by Julia Willis

published: 21 / 6 / 2002

EDIE - Shades
Label: EDIE
Format: CD


Unoriginal debut album in the Amos-Harvey mould from Dutch singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles

"Tori Amos is my sister! I was raised in a cave by PJ Harvey…"Lesbian Lovechild of Kate Bush and Bjork breaks her silence. Oh alright then, enough of the tabloid sensationalism but… the Dutch songstress’s songs must be LA’s answer to quirky-individualism-meets-surreal-writing-and-plaintive-catharsis-in-plagarism-shocker…and rather like LA, it doesn’t have any substance. I wish I could pick just one track whose ghoulish hand rises from the ashes of the Bush-Bjork phoenix or ceases to walk through the familiar empty halls of the crypt where the Amos-Harvey chimera once snarled and enticed its impressionable songstress-prey to its doom and feasted on their waif-like limbs and floaty locks, spitting them out bitterly, knowing it would remain forever unchallenged in its mightiness. LA suckles and feeds on tabloid euphemism and holographically produces lurid versions of every conceivably acceptable genre in the pursuit of the American Dream... cash. And that is all I have to say on the matter. I quite like track two though…

Track Listing:-
1 Glide
2 Crumble
3 Radical
4 Stop Talking
5 Childhood Without Youth
6 Wake Up
7 Come to Me
8 Let Me Be
9 A Wish
10 Shades

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