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Reindeer Section - Son Of Evil Reindeer

  by Julia Willis

published: 22 / 6 / 2002

Reindeer Section - Son Of Evil Reindeer
Label: Bright star
Format: CD


"Divinely sweet and simple" retrun to childhood innocence from Scottish super group consisting of members of the Snow Patrol, Idlewild, Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian, and Arab Strap

Sit alone, truly alone on a rainy day and look out of the window. Think about everyone you ever loved, every time you ever cried, all the people you’ve forgotten, what you were like as a child and how nothing in life ever seems quite that easy again. All these moments combined contribute to a loss of innocence… sit alone, reminisce and mourn. And while you do it, put this record on. Divinely sweet and simple, my copy came with stickers and badges and like a small child I gleefully played with my new toys. I stuck my stickers everywhere and pinned my badges to my bag… proud of my new allegiance to an outline drawing of an evil reindeer, much the same as I used to draw on my textbooks. I was an odd little girl and this is an odd little album. So odd it’s endearing. The Section’s protagonist, Gary Lightfoot from Snow Patrol ,writes music for the grown up who unwittingly knows what it’s like to celebrate the simplicity of childhood music with a fantasy-cool lineup that includes Roddy from Idlewild, members of Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian, Arab Strap and other luminaries singing acoustic songs of love lost and reflection… This is an album to listen to from beginning to end offering you forty minutes of contemplative catharsis whilst plaintive vocals and faraway broken guitar chords ripple through the mind as a solitary tear falls down your cheek. Whether it’s tears of pain or the memory of a life less complicated, it’s infinitely more beautiful where the Reindeer Section play. Sit alone… sit truly alone.

Track Listing:-
1 Grand Parade
2 Budapest
3 Strike Me Down
4 Your Sweet Voice
5 I'll Be Here When You Wake
6 Where I Fall
7 Cartwheels
8 Last Song On Blue Tape
9 Cold Water
10 You Are My Joy
11 Who Told You
12 Whodunnit

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