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Peter Liddle - Reviews


Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle
Inventive set of reworkings and remixes of one song, 'Well, I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle" by hardcore band, the Locust


Seduction Of Madness
Powerful neo-classical concept release from Sweden's Sophia, which examines with frightening insight the differnet forms of psychosis

Motormark/ Zoidberg

"Crazy speeding electropop" from two hyper Scottish groups with four song split EP

Pocket Genius

Tundra Rock
Refreshingly "poppy and sincere" debut album from Pocket Genius, the latest signings to the Boss Tuneage punk label


A collection of the EPs that Boilermaker have released in the last 7 years, 'Leucadia', which is named after the band's home town "veers between a straightforward rock and an introspective post rock sound...and is very much a personal journey."


The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
"The sound of someone who's awake when they should have been asleep for the last 10 hours, of unwanted sound on a weary brain refusing to go to sleep." Experimental and demanding, but ultimately rewarding debut from NYC project.

Lazarus Clamp

The More We Are The Funnier It Is
Style-blending second album from British group that has "punch, edge and a sense of intrigue, but which also manages to be experimental without having to resort to anything more than quiet guitars and some violin."


Anti Social
"Don't expect a warning when I come ! " They bring it all out in the open right from the first line. Turn aren't here to make you feel cosy. Painfully realistic, they're here to be brutal and hone

My Vitriol

What's so exciting about My Vitriol? Why have some music journalists been waxing lyrically about them for over a year, long before they have even released an album? And why have others given them so


Messanger In The Camp
Seafood have come a long way since 'Messenger in the Camp', their debut eight track mini album, was first released in 1998. The four-piece released their first full length CD ' Surviving the Quiet'


Check My Ears
Turn are a hard band to place. You think you've got them sussed and then they open a new song in a completely differently style from the last one, sending you into the type of confused panic that is

Sit N Spin

Enjoy The Ride
Sit 'n' Spin is a rather strange name for a band, especially this one. After glancing at the picture of the four band members on the sleeve posing with guitars and pointing them like guns, I put 'Enjo


1000 Hurts
'1000 Hurts' is a strange affair. Its casing is attractive, but while it is sleek on the outside, on the inside it is less pleasant. Imagine all the pain and heartache, anger and angst, injustice and

JT Mouse

Sundrenched Torso
How strange ! 'Sundrenched Torso' starts off with an orchestra, and then turns into song like something from the back catalogue of Travis, then does a funky march in the manner of the Stone Roses a

Emily Rock Group

Pop and Fade
This is one of those very special records that when I heard it I had never heard anything quite like it before. How, though, does someone like me, not familiar with the band's scene and unable to sli

Tommy Carns

Get Up and Fall Down
Beware of Tommy Carns. He's a trickster. At first impressions, you might think this is another country boy folk album with some sort of modern twist. Well it is. But it's a lot more - press on past t

Alternative 3

Lets Go Electronic
As a general rule of indie-boy CD buying, I would have thought it best to avoid buying CDs in which the words "alternative" and "electronic" appear on the same single, especially if they are mi


The Engine House Sessions
Anamorphic make atmospheric, slinky music, which is reminiscent of Portishead, but also has more to it. The vocals are very smooth and the funk in the background is pleasant and sleek, as long as you


Take The long Road and Walk It
The Music hit the big time after the Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq plugged them heavily on his evening show and their demo received lots of airplay on his slot. A media frenzy ensued and this 1000 copy re

Raging Speedhorn

Raging Speedhorn have emerged from the nu-metal din to offer a classic Rage Against the Machine style riff-fest. Their two singers may be completely non-verbal from the first word but that doesn't ma


Surviving The Quiet
"I hope your wretched town will fall" declares Seafood's front man David Line while collapsing onto the floor and screaming into the microphone as both a crazy light show with plenty of smoke and anar


'Amusements' isn't particularly amusing. It is instead an EP that makes you think a bit about music - it takes a sort of Northern Soul sound and crosses it with an industrial drum noise and dark soun

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