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Motormark/ Zoidberg - Split

  by Peter Liddle

published: 6 / 8 / 2002

Motormark/ Zoidberg - Split
Label: Empire
Format: 7"


"Crazy speeding electropop" from two hyper Scottish groups with four song split EP

Zoidberg are mental. They are Scottish. They make songs that Bis might have made if they had been driven to madness by being strapped to fairground rides, and then forced to do everything at double speed. 'Monkey Song' is super fast, with guitars everywhere, and crazy singing and shouting and vocoders all over the place. It's a bit like listening to pop punk at the wrong rpm - while messy and very crazy, it's also great fun. Both the choppy guitars and the wacky keyboard lines are good value, and the band make hilarious use of the vocoder too. The production lets it down a bit because you can't really hear everything that's going on. 'Anarchy in Khakis' isn't quite as crazy and while it features more of the punky singing and breakneck guitars, it's not as much fun as the other track. Motormark's music seems a bit more accomplished production wise. 'Baby' is an electro romp with blips aplenty but the real classic track is 'I Like Records'. It's a song on a record about records,and talks all about what's so great about them ; the good and bad ones ; the joys of picture discs and much much more. The classic approach of cramming a million words into on minute works well here. And it's also got exciting duet shouting fun. Excellent. This is a strong record, only let down by Zoidberg's recording problems. A good record for all fans of crazy speeding electropop.

Track Listing:-
1 Motormark-Baby, I Like Records
2 Motormark-I Like Records
3 Zoidberg-Monkey Song
4 Zoidberg-Anarchy in Khakis

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