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Cila Warncke - Reviews

Throwing Muses

Sun Racket
Ever-fresh nostalgia on first album in seven years from influential alt. rock group Throwing Muses

Josh Rouse

Love in the Modern Age
Twelfth album from Nebraskan folk-pop singer Josh Rouse which takes a wrong turn around 1985

Dean Owens

Southern Wind
Fine latest album recorded in Nashville from Scottish singer-songwriter Dean Owens, who takes his influences from American roots music

John Oates

Sincere and heartfelt blues/folk tribute on collection of original and cover songs from John Oates, who attempts to disprove that there are no second acts in American lives

Shovels and Rope

Swimmin' Time
Irresistible country, blues, gospel, and garage rock on second album from South Carolina husband and wife duo, Shovels and Rope


History of the Future
Excessive and often unlistenable three CD/DVD box set from influential 90's electronic act, The Orb

Foghorn Leghorn

Not Before Time
Disconcerting but highly impressive combination of bluegrass, Americana and old-fashioned country on fourth album from veteran Clerkenwell-based group, Foghorn Leghorn


The Weight of Your Love
Anthemic fourth album from Editors, which takes a rip-roaring but unflinchingly raw and intense look at an emotionally devastating love affair


Live in London 1991
Patchy, but touching and ultimately compelling live album from Pulp, recorded before their chart success, at the Town and Country Club in London in 1991

Lost Brothers

The Passing of the Night
Bittersweet and darkly romantic third album from Dublin-based Americana/indie duo, the Lost Brothers


Sweet Heart, Sweet Light
Self-indulgent and over-intense latest album from psychedelic rockers, Spiritualized


Singles 1989 - 1992
Awe-inspiring retrospective which collects together all of highly regarded Sarah label signing Brighter's singles

Nightmares On Wax

Mind Elevation
Disappointing fifth album from laidback former kings of electronica, Nightmares on Wax

Groovy Cellar

Happiness Lies Ahead
"Inoffensive...but also totally unnecessary" slab of indie pop, with Smiths and Wedding Present influences, from German group, the Groovy Cellar

Percy X

Wheres The Music
Refreshingly "relevant" and "of-the-minute electro-techno workout" from dance maestro Terry Scott, aka Percy X

Sofa Mecca

Sofa Mecca
"More-British-than-Brit-Pop" and "delightfully mellow" debut release from Australian four piece, reminiscent in parts of both Oasis and Mercury Rev, which manages to be "comfortably familiar without sounding overly derivative."

Mid-State Orange

Flag Festival
"Slick" and "poppy", but ultimately unconvincing indie pop in the style of the Lucksmiths from Australian group, recording in London

Electric Universe

"Stolid, but unremarkable" psychedelic trance, which conjures up memories of Ibiza pre-the Summer of Love


Unnecessary cover by German industrial metal outfit of Nancy Sinatra's classic hit 'These Boots are Made for Walking'

Xiu Xiu

Knife Play
Wilfully hip, but disappointing and messy debut album from San Jose neo-wave noise pop artists Xiu Xiu

Grace Period

Unsaisfactory "pastiche" from a Boston based trio who have "been so busy nicking Portishead’s atmospherics that they have forgotten to borrow any of their pathos."


The Conceptual World Is Losing It's Grip
Latest CD from American electronic artist Carl Martin aka Transient whose "soulful ambience evokes enough of open skies, early dawns, and sweeping vistas to soothe and entice all but the most entrenched urbanite."

Are Weapons

New York Muscle
"Raucous, not-quite-four-minute melange of neo-punk noise" from much touted New York-based trio

Would Be Goods

Emmanuelle Beart Ep
Barely eleven minutes of airy pop, the 'Emmanuelle Béart EP' will keep you entertained between entrée and dessert if you are picnicking (on a summer’s afternoon, of course) in the garden of a minor no

Kirk Lake

Kirk Lake
His smile is as brittle as the seashells on the floor” should not be a song lyric. It should be – is – poetry, the kind of vivid image artfully clad writers at open-mic nights cattily wish they’d tho


Disco Volante
The ever-nimble David Gedge has once again plucked the sweetest fruit from the tree of musical possibility with the release of Cinerama’s second album, Disco Volante – a follow up to 1998’s pop sparkl

Frank And Walters

The Frankand Walters latest CD, 'Glass', is a bold step forward in the evolution of the Cork-based trio’s sound. Long time fans of their affable alt-pop sound will probably do a double take the minu


Never, And Maybe Not Even Then
Marrying whispering guitar melodies to wistfully seductive vocals, Graham’s new release on Dreamy Records, 'Never, and Maybe Not Even Then' is a quietly self-assured album that reaches out to pluck he


Exploring Beauty
Imagine a sonic pile-up involving Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Joy Division (sans the ghost of Ian Curtis), Nine Inch Nails and darkest Depeche Mode and suddenly 'Exploring Beauty', the recent release


Build Your Own Radio
You’ll smile, you’ll groan inwardly, you’ll check your watch, and when it’s all over you’ll applaud, bursting pride mingling with gentle cynicism. 'Build Your own Radio' feels like your eldest child’


From the navel-gazing drawl of 'North West Five', to the sardonic swirl of 'Clever Girl' the debut CD from Bish is a quirkily familiar journey through the wonderful world of indie pop. There are

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