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Cila Warncke - Interviews

The Church

The Church - Interview

Steve Kilbey, the frontman with Australian post-punk band The Church, talks to Cila Warncke about the places that have been most important to him and new album ‘The Hypnogogue’.

Big Pink

Big Pink - Interview

The Big Pink lead singer and songwriter Robbie Furze talks to Cila Warncke about art, honesty and perfectly crafted tunes.

Union Of Knives

Union Of Knives - Interview

Glaswegian musician Chris Gordon talks to Cila Warncke about the return of his electronic project Union of Knives after an absence of almost fifteen years.

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson - Interview

Swedish electro songstress Jenny Wilson talks to Cila Warncke about confronting the shattering reality of sexual violence and finding reasons to hope on her new album 'Exorcism'.

Lilly Hiatt

Lilly Hiatt - Interview

Lily Hiatt's third album has won praise for its country-rock blend. Cila Warncke gets to know her through the medium of her favourite listening for different frames of mind.

Lost Brothers

Lost Brothers - Interview

Country-tinged Irish duo The Lost Brothers talk to Cila Warncke about desert rambles, cheap guitars and the places they call home.

Lost Brothers

Lost Brothers - Interview

Cila Warncke chats to Oisin Leech from Dublin-based Americana duo the Lost Brothers about their just released fourth album, 'News Songs of Dawn and Dust'

Wedding Present

Wedding Present - Interview with David Gedge

Cila Warncke chats to David Gedge from indie rockers the Wedding Present about his decision to move permanently to America and band's new album, 'Valentina'

Lost Brothers

Lost Brothers - Interview

Cila Warncke chats to Oisin Leech from Dublin-based folk duo the Lost Brothers about his influences and the things which are most important to him

Trembling Blue Stars

Trembling Blue Stars - Interview with Bobby Wratten

Quiet, unprepossessing, non-drinking and incurably romantic, Bobby Wratten is the antithesis of the stereotypical rock star. Cila Warncke talks to one of the nicest men in rock about his long serving group, Trembling Blue Stars


Wilby - Interview

Rosie Wilby is unique – not just because she is a renaissance-woman media mogul in the making – but also because she is astonishingly patient and empathetic for a woman who seems to have more ‘hats’


Cinerama - Interview

David Gedge, founder of Cinerama and erstwhile The Wedding Present front-man didn’t lean back on the sofa and put his hands behind his head. Nor did he stroll into the café, order a coffee – black –

Spanish Amanda

Spanish Amanda - Interview

It is to be feared that Huw Bucknell, driving force behind the delightful, addictive tunes of The Spanish Amanda, has missed his calling not once, but twice. When he is not scrawling out pop gems the


Arco - Interview

The world of music is full of stereotypes, one of which says that in order to be a real artist you have to struggle miserably. The only alternative, apparently, is “selling out” which is a privilege

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