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Cila Warncke - Profiles

How Music Journalism Can Fight Misogyny

How Music Journalism Can Fight Misogyny - Comment

In light of Marilyn Manson's downfall, Cila Warncke asks what music journalism can do to fight misogyny.

Production Crew Confront Covid

Production Crew Confront Covid - One Year On

Last April Cila Warncke for an article at Pennyblackmusic spoke to several people who worked in production and behind the scenes in music about the devastating impact that the Coronavirus crisis was starting to have on them. A year on she revisits them and others in the same situation to find out where they are now.


Miscellaneous - Top 10+1 Reasons Q was the Best Music Mag of its Generation

The news that Q magazine was closing this year after a 34-year run due to Covid-19 sent shock waves through the music community. Ex Q editorial assistant Cila Warncke talks to other former work colleagues about their fond memories of the influential magazine.

Production Crew Confront Covid

Production Crew Confront Covid - Production Crew Confront Covid

Cila Warncke writes of the devastating impact of the Coronavirus crisis on those behind the scenes in music.

Harold F. Eggers

Harold F. Eggers - My Years with Townes Van Zandt: Music, Genius, and Rage

Cila Warncke reflects on Townes Van Zandt's manager and business partner Harold F. Eggers' new biography about the gifted but emotionally unstable Texan singer-songwriter.


Prince - And Getting Through This Thing Called Life

Long-term fan Cila Warncke pays personal tribute to Prince's maverick and eccentric genius

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Lee Lewis

With a new four CD compilation 'A Whole Lotta Jerry Lee' about to be released, Cila Warncke reflects on the career of the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis


Miscellaneous - Interview with Matt Haynes

Matt Haynes, former co-owner of the legendary Sarah records and now sole guardian of Shinkansen Records, talks to Cila Warncke about his record label, and maintaining a sense of personal politics in a world of commercialism


Miscellaneous - Interview with Tracy Lee Jackson

If anyone had been playing ‘spot the record label boss’ in a small Whitehall pub on a damp March evening, chances are they would have pointed to one of a half-dozen-odd restlessly handsome men clustered in a corner, joking over pints. They would not, ho

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