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Lilly Hiatt - Interview

  by Cila Warncke

published: 10 / 5 / 2018

Lilly Hiatt - Interview


Lily Hiatt's third album has won praise for its country-rock blend. Cila Warncke gets to know her through the medium of her favourite listening for different frames of mind.

Lilly Hiatt hasn't had much spare time since the release of her third album Trinity Lane. She recently finished a stint supporting The Drive-By Truckers and she begins a UK and European tour in April. Her third album, named for the street on which she lives, has won critical praise and popular attention for its infectious blend of country spirit and garage rock grit. The album's appeal includes storytelling lyrics ("I think my neighbours are selling drugs/ I know how that goes/ I ain't judging nothing", she sings on the title track) and a disarming lack of artifice in her self-presentation. Her Instagram feed features a lot of hashtag shout-outs to her beloved black cat ("#poppy4ever") and very little make-up; a photo of a foot tattoo reveals a blister on her third toe. In conversation, she is equally un-precious. She hmms and haws, thinks out loud, backtracks, forgets song titles ("that's not a strong suit") and breaks into the occasional peal of laughter. From her Nashville home, she took Pennyblackmusic on a virtual tour of her musical moods, sharing the artists and songs she turns to for life's highs and lows. PB: What do you listen to when you're angry? LH: I listen to Hole when I'm pissed off. They're a band that didn't get the respect they deserved. Their first albums were amazing. People chalk it up to, "Oh, Courtney Love was Kurt Cobain's wife", but she was super talented. Guys always get the credit! PB: What do you listen to when you're celebrating? LH: Bob Dylan always makes me feel great. Bob Dylan was played in my house all the time when I was growing up so there is a comfort to his records that makes me happy. I've listened to his songs and cried my eyes out, but I feel joyful when I hear his voice. He's also funny, so funny. Like, 'Everybody Must Get Stoned' is funny but poignant and layered. PB: What do you listen to when you're heartbroken? LH: Lucinda Williams. She phrases things in ways I can identify with. Whole albums really speak to me: 'Car Wheels on a Gravel Road' and 'This Sweet Old World' are great heartbreak albums. 'Change the Locks' - that's a great song. PB: What do you listen to when you feel like dancing? LH: Lauryn Hill's 'That Thing'. That whole album ('The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill') is amazing. It's mind-blowing that that is all she's put out. At least she still plays live. PB: What do you listen to when you're on a road trip? LH: Neil Young is always good for the road, you can count on that. Classic rock is good for road-tripping. But we expand because we spend about 10 hours a day in the car. Everything from A Tribe Called Quest to Steve Earle to Pantera. PB: What do you listen to when you're feeling sexy? LH: Jenny Lewis. There is a sexy feel to her music. The way she says things is strong, exciting, she's a smart writer. Her last record, 'The Voyager', is so good. Those songs are poignant and smart: 'She's Not Me' is amazing and 'Slippery Slopes' is really cool. PB: What do you listen to when you're feeling righteous? LH: Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder's words really resonate with me. Some of my favourites are 'Blood', 'Nothingman', 'Off He Goes'. My favourite album is 'No Code'. There's something incredibly empowering in his lyrics. PB: What do you listen to when you don't have a care in the world? LH: I listen to Neil Young all the time, he goes in any category. I love 'Harvest Moon','After The Gold Rush', those records. 'Albuquerque' is one of my favourite Neil Young songs. PB: What do you listen to when you're afraid? LH: I listen to my dad's [singer-songwriter John Hiatt] music when I'm afraid, it's very comforting. His song 'Walk On' is really comforting. 'You Must Go' and 'Have a Little Faith in Me' feel like my dad talking to me. PB: What do you listen to when you want to rock out? LH: The Who rock. The Drive-By Truckers. Chuck Berry makes me feel pretty rocking. I'm a guitar person, a groove person. Have I always had eclectic taste? Yes. I've spent my whole life as a music fan. It's all there, so why not enjoy it? PB: Thank you. 'Trinity Lane' is out now on New West Records. Lilly tours the UK & Europe beginning 18 April 2018: for show dates visit https://www.lillyhiatt.com/tour/

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Lilly Hiatt - Interview

Lilly Hiatt - Interview

Lilly Hiatt - Interview

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