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Electric Universe - Unify

  by Cila Warncke

published: 8 / 5 / 2002

Electric Universe - Unify
Label: Spirit Zone
Format: CD


"Stolid, but unremarkable" psychedelic trance, which conjures up memories of Ibiza pre-the Summer of Love

Like happy hardcore, or disco house, psychedelic trance is a very specific – and acquired – taste. Which may explain why Electric Universe (essentially one man – producer Boris Blenn) has carried on in relative obscurity despite a career spanning a decade, and half-a-dozen albums. His latest release, 'Unify', is a stolid, but unremarkable addition to Blenn’s catalogue. There is a definite element of sun-tinged nostalgia about the record. Based in Ibiza, it is perhaps inevitable that Blenn displays a musical nostalgia for the days before the White Island was “discovered,” for the days when it was still something of a bohemian hideaway. 'Unify' is replete with big, mystic-sounding grooves, tailor made for bongo-bashing beach parties. The air of wilful innocence has its charms, but seems somewhat self-defeating in light of the rapid evolution of dance music. For the reformed crusties who still get misty-eyed over the memory of a pre-Summer Of Love Ibiza as unspoiled paradise this record will be a treat; dance music fans chasing fresh sounds will be better off looking elsewhere.

Track Listing:-
1 Solylun
2 Activate
3 Fire Wire
4 Lumiere
5 Impulse
6 Exciter
7 Embrace It
8 Transmission
9 Jetzt
10 Gayatri

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