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Interview (2013)

Hollies - Interview

Nick Dent-Robinson speaks to Tony Hicks, the front man with bestselling 60's band the Hollies, about his group's fifty year career and its still regular touring


The Band, the Brand, the Business (2020)

Hollies - The Band, the Brand, the Business

Bob Nicholson revisits the history and legacy of The Hollies, and ponders how the band have managed to go the distance.



Allan Clarke
Interview Allan Clarke - Interview

Former lead singer of 1960s legends The Hollies Allan Clarke chats to Adam Coxon about his acclaimed new album 'Resurgence', his first activity since retiring from the music industry in 1999

Graham Nash
Interview Graham Nash - Interview

Crosby, Still and Nash's Graham Nash chats to Nick Dent-Robinson about his new compilation 'Over the Years',which consists of fifteen of his favourite songs during his lengthy career, and his memories of his years in the Hollies.

Graham Nash
Interview Crosby, Stills and Nash - Interview

Graham Nash speaks to Nick Dent-Robinson about his long musical history as both a founder member of the Hollies and with Crosby, Stills and Nash, and his new autobiography, 'Wild Tales'


Soundtrack of Our Lives
Thanks for the Smiles Miscellaneous - Thanks for the Smiles

In the latest in our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' series, in which our writers describe the personal impact of music on their lives, Malcolm Carter writes about meeting and falling for his wife against a backdrop of acts such as the Beach Boys, the Chi-Lites, Jim Stover and the Hollies

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