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Jim Reid


Dead End Kids (2006)

Excellent second solo CD single from former Jesus and Mary Chain member, Jim Reid



Interview Freeheat - Interview

After the collapse of the Jesus and Mary Chain, singer Jim Reid and guitarist Ben Lurie formed a new band, Freeheat. Olga Sladeckova talks to Ben Lurie about the group and their posthumously released debut album, 'Back on the Water'

Interview Tompaulin - Interview

Tompaulin's new single was produced by former Jesus and Mary Chain stars, Jim Reid and Ben Lurie. Anthony Strutt chats to frontman Jamie Holman and guitarist Tap about its recording, side project Mick Travis and their eventual second album

Jesus and Mary Chain
Interview with Jim Reid Part 2 Jesus And Mary Chain - Interview with Jim Reid Part 2

In the second part of our two part Jesus and Mary Chain interview, voclaist and singer Jim Reid talks to Olga Sladeckova about the group's history from '91 until its break-up in '98

Jesus and Mary Chain
Interview with Jim Reid Part 1 Jesus And Mary Chain - Interview with Jim Reid Part 1

One of the most influential bands of all time, the Jesus and Mary Chain first burst onto the music in 1984. In the first part of a two part interview , Olga Sladeckova talks to frontman Jim Reid about the punk pioneers early years.

Interview Timo Tolkki - Interview

Ex Jesus and Mary Chain members Jim Reid and Ben Lurie formed a new band Freeheat at the end of 1999. In an exclusive interview with Olga Sladeckova, they talk about their much delayed debut Ep "Retox' , touring and their first two years.


Interview with Danny Corr Miscellaneous - Interview with Danny Corr

Only a year old, London label Outafocus has already released two CDs by Medium 21, and also the debut EP of Freeheat, ex JAMC man Jim Reid's new band. Label boss Danny Corr talks to Olga Sladeckova about its exciting future.


Jim Reid/Story One
Cavern, Exeter, 29/10/2005 Jesus And Mary Chain - Cavern, Exeter, 29/10/2005

Jim Reid was one of the seminal figures of the late 80's and early 90's as the frontman with the Jesus and Mary Chain. At a disastrous show at the Exeter Cavern, Ben Howarth watches hin fall prey to an unresponsive audience

Jim Reid
12 Bar, London, 19/4/2004 Jesus And Mary Chain - 12 Bar, London, 19/4/2004

Former Jesus and Mary Chain star Jim Reid rarely plays gigs these days. In what is possibly his last performance , Olga Sladeckova sees him affect a in-part JAMC reunion with former drummer John Moore at the tiny London 12 Bar

Sister Vanilla
Monarch, London, 20/4/2003 Cintecele Diavolui - Monarch, London, 20/4/2003

At the same event, Anthony Strutt watches Jim Reid's sister Linda's band Sister Vanilla play a strong set and their "first real gig"

Monarch, London, 20/4/2003 T Factory - Monarch, London, 20/4/2003

Former JAMC star Jim Reid's band Freeheat recent show at the Camden Monarch, headlining the Track and Field label's "Pow ! to the People' festival, was their first London gig in over a year. Olga Sladeckova finds them to be on vibrant form

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