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Soho Revue Bar, London, 15/1/2008

Kills - Soho Revue Bar, London, 15/1/2008

At his first gig of the year, Anthony Strutt enjoys a set of primitive and raw Velvet Underground-influenced rock from indie guitar duo, the Kills

Carling Academy, Newcastle, 22/10/2005

Kills - Carling Academy, Newcastle, 22/10/2005

At its Carling Academy, Jonjo McNeill watches controversial duo the Kills play a riveting set and "the sleaziest, most glamorous rock and roll Newcastle's seen for quite some time"

Leadmill, Sheffield, 12/2/2005

Kills - Leadmill, Sheffield, 12/2/2005

At the Sheffield date on the Kills' latest British tour, Helen Tipping becomes totally lost in the music and the intensity of the British/American duo's performance


Tape Song (2008)

Excitable and unpretentious new single from the Kills, which has been taken from their recent 'Midnight Boom' album

Last Day of Magic (2008)

Catchy and surprisingly commercial-sounding third single from their 'Midnight Boom' album for garage punk duo the Kills

Midnight Boom (2008)

Pop-influenced, somewhat more commercial-sounding third album from abrasive lo-fi rockers, the Kills

Cheap and Cheerful (2008)

Disappointingly mainstream second single from their forthcoming third album, 'Midnight Boom', from usally excellent punk/new wave duo the Kills

URA Fever (2008)

Dark rock 'n' roll on stunning vinyl only new single from the Kills, which preceeds their third album which is due out in March

No Wow (2005)

Slightly unnecessary new single, taken from their 'No Wow' album, from London/New York anti-heroes The Kills

Love Is A Deserter (2005)

Strangely disappointing new single from the usually dependable Kills

No Wow (2005)

Second album from British-American duo the Kills, who have taken influences such as Warhol, the Beats, the Velvet Underground and Edie Sedgewick, and recaptured them into "a kind of cool that seems to now be missing"

Keep On Your Mean Side (2003)

"Raw" debut offering from the Patti Smith and P.J. Harvey inspired Kills, who were Primal Scream’s main support band on their recent British tour

Black Rooster Ep (2002)

Debut EP from forceful new Portland group, strongly reminiscent of Sonic Youth, the Strokes and White Stripes



Bob Log III
Interview Ella Guru - Interview

One man band Bob Log III has just finished touring with Franze Ferdinand and the Kills. Backstage at a Manchester fif, he talks to Helen Tipping about his unique brand of psycho blues


Starry Nites Festival
Santa Barbara, 18/3/2017 Miscellaneous - Santa Barbara, 18/3/2017

L. Paul Mann at the first day of new Californian festival Starry Nites watches and photographs performances from among others Afishinsea, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Thunderpussy, the Dandy Warhols and the Kills

Bob Log III
Garage, London, 30/10/2004 Ella Guru - Garage, London, 30/10/2004

Arizonian Bob Log III has just finished touring his unique brand of "psycho-delta blues" on a British tour with Franz Ferdinand and the Kills . At a headline show in London, Dominic Simpson watches him play a spellbinding set

Leeds Festival
24/8/2003 Miscellaneous - 24/8/2003

Denzil Watson meanwhile makes his annual day trip to Reading's counterpart in Leeds and watches mixed performances by the Libertines, the Kills. Doves, Beck, Black Motorcycle Rebel Club and Blur

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