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British IBM


Interview (2020)

British IBM - Interview

Dave Goodwin speaks to Aidy Killens, the frontman with indie guitar rock trio and games enthusiasts The British IBM, about their third album, 'Play the Game'.


Victoria Inn, Derby, 19/1/2013

Dave Goodwin finds Cambridge-based indie rock trio British IBM surprisingly funny in an excellent, but rare gig at The Victoria Inn in Derby


Vinyl Stories (2020)

British IBM - Vinyl Stories

Indie-rock/vintage computing trio The British IBM tell Dave Goodwin their 'Vinyl Stories'.


Friday Night at the Twitch Bar (2022)

Polished and humorous fourth album from Cambridge indie trio The British IBM which took its genesis from a series of acoustic streams they started during lockdown

Play the Game (2020)

Fabulous third album from Cambridge outfit the British IBM, who return to their indie roots in powerful form

The British IBM (2012)

Astounding strings-drenched debut album from 70's-influenced Cambridge-based indie rock band, the British IBM

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