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Amadou and Mariam (2012)

Messy latest album from acclaimed Malinese Amadou and Mariam, which despite unsuitable collaborations with acts such as the Scissor Sisters, finds them still capable of composing great funky tunes

Christine and the Queens (2018)

Firts-rate, funk-influenced second album from much acclaimed French act Christine and the Queens, the project of experimental musician Héloïse Letissier

Django Django (2012)

Django Django
Eclectic but sometimes clinical debut album from Edinburgh-formed pop act, Django Django

Django Django (2015)

Born Under Saturn
Highly anticipated second album from Mercury Prize nominated Django Django, which manages to surpass all hype

Django Django (2021)

Glowing in the Dark
Uplifting and memorable fourth album from critically acclaimed London-based art rock band Django Django

JJ Cale (2009)

Roll On
Marvellous third comeback album from veteran singer-songwriter, JJ Cale

Keziah Jones (2014)

Captain Rugged
Melodic and poppy, but genre-less latest album from Nigerian singer-songwriter and cult star, Keziah Jones

Krystle Warren and the Faculty (2010)

Fine soul-influenced debut album from Kansas City-born singer-songwriter, Krystle Warren

Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo (2017)

Fantastic return to form with a new line-up from West African group Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo, their first since founding member Mélomé Clément passed away in 2012

Major Lazer (2015)

Peace is the Mission
Appalling and bland electronica aimed simply at chart-topping success on third album from Major Lazer

Metronomy (2014)

Love Letters
Playful but unsatisfying fourth album from much hyped 80's-influenced electronic act, Metronomy

Metronomy (2016)

Summer 08
Fantastic fifth studio album from Metronomy, which finds front man Joseph Mount recording solo and returning to the sound of their second album 'Nights Out'

Nicolas Godin (2015)

First solo album from Nicolas Godin from AIR which fails to take the breath away

Pete Yorn (2011)

Deliberately unpolished, yet compelling fifth solo album from New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Pete Yorn, which has been produced by the Pixies' Frank Black

Rodrigo y Gabriela (2014)

9 Dead Alive
Vibrant fifth album from much acclaimed Mexico City-formed duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela

Soko (2012)

I Thought I Was An Alien
Despondent and melancholic, but totally affecting debut album from French singer-songwriter and actress, Soko

Syd Matters (2011)

Poetic and charmingly unpredictable fourth album from the enigmatic Syd Matters, the nom de plume for Parisian singer-songwriter Jonathan Morali

Uffie (2010)

Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans
Brilliant debut album from Miami-born, but Paris-based electronic/hip-hop artist Uffie, which proves worth its long gestation period of nearly five years

Various (2016)

Cosmic Machine - The Sequel
Fascinating compilation of 70’s and 80’s early French experimental electronic music

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