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Uffie - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 9 / 7 / 2010

Uffie - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans
Label: Because Music
Format: CD


Brilliant debut album from Miami-born, but Paris-based electronic/hip-hop artist Uffie, which proves worth its long gestation period of nearly five years

It has been five years since Uffie first collaborated with then-boyfriend DJ Feadz on his track ‘Uffie and Me’, and nearly as long since she released her first single (and probably her best-known track) ‘Pop the Glock’. Since then, Uffie’s released four other EPs, had a baby gigged all over the world and appeared in some sexy photos, but an album has not been forthcoming. But now, after years of projected release dates coming from Ed Banger Records, 2010 finally sees the release of 'Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans', Uffie’s debut LP – but was it worth the wait? Well if you want my point of view (and if you don’t, then why are you reading this review?) absolutely it was. 'Sex Dreams...' is 14 tracks of fun, funky electro and hip-hop, and if you’re a fan of Ed Banger or Uffie’s previous output, you won’t be disappointed. The album opens with ‘Pop the Glock’, but quickly moves into newer material, such as single ‘ADD SUV’, which features Pharrell Williams (one of the two guest vocalists to be found on the album, the other being ex-member of the Rapture Mattie Safer on ‘Illusion of Love’). What might surprise Uffie-aficionados is the amount of singing to be found on this record – although there is still plenty of her trademark ‘anti-flow’ rapping to be found, and despite claiming that she “can’t even sing” on the track ‘Our Song’, Uffie flexes her melodic muscles on at least half of the songs on 'Sex Dreams and Denim Dreams', and she does it really well. I’ve had several of the hooks from this album going round and round in my head for weeks now, and they aren’t showing any sign of leaving yet. Of particular note is Uffie’s performance on her cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ ‘Hong Kong Garden’ – as far as I’m concerned, she needs to get herself to the front of a new wave band, because she absolutely owns this track. A lot of criticism has been aimed at Uffie’s lyrics in the past (and in return she has written lyrics attacking her critics) and it’s true that there is a lot of hip-hop posturing to be found in her material – but to me it’s clear that she is simply enjoying playing the superstar MC, and her tongue is lodged firmly in her cheek. Uffie sounds like she’s simply having fun making music, and that makes these songs enjoyable for the listener too. 'Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans' is a great party album, and a promising debut full-length which has profited from a long period of gestation, allowing Uffie to grow and mature as an artist. Although, I do hope the next one doesn’t take quite so long.

Track Listing:-
1 Pop The Glock
2 Art Of Uff
3 ADD SUV (feat. Pharrell Williams)
4 Give It Away
5 MCs Can Kiss
6 Difficult
7 First Love
8 Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans
9 Our Song
10 Illusion Of Love (feat. Mattie Safer)
11 Neuneu
12 Brand New Car
13 Hong Kong Garden
14 Ricky
15 Pop The Glock (Mirwais Pop Remix)

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