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Metronomy - Summer 08

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 6 / 9 / 2016

Metronomy - Summer 08
Label: Because Music
Format: CD


Fantastic fifth studio album from Metronomy, which finds front man Joseph Mount recording solo and returning to the sound of their second album 'Nights Out'

Formed by Joseph Mount in Devon in 1999 Metronomy started life out by essentially making instrumental electronic post-punk music, but more recently, and since the release of their second album 'Nights Out', their music has become more vocally-inflicted and pure pop-influenced. There have been a few changes to the line-up over the years, but the current band consists of Joseph Mount (vocals, keyboards and guitar), Oscar Cash (saxophone, backing vocals, guitars and keyboards), Anna Prior (drums and vocals) and Gbenga Adelekan (bass guitar and vocals). It is important also to note that Mount himself also releases remixes under the name Metronomy, and has remixed many artists including Gorillaz, Sebastien Tellier, Roots Manuva, Franz Ferdinand, Klaxons, Goldfrapp, Young Knives, Zero 7, Ladytron, Kate Nash, Lady Gaga and Lykke Li. As a group though, Metronomy have five albums under their belts - 'Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)', 'Nights Out', 'The English Riviera', 'Love Letters' and now 'Summer 08'. It seems like it all got a bit too much for Mount. With the release of the last two albums, Metronomy took off and it seemed like there was no stopping them and global domination beckoned. This album seems to take stock of that time just before it all kicked off. It is closer to 'Nights Out' than any other album but the strangest part of this new offering is that he recorded it all himself. It is as if Mount has taken a back step from the non-stop partying and done something just for himself and returned to where he started, almost. 'Back Together' is all over the place musically but that was to be expected. The brilliant '16 Beat' is as cool as a Devon cream iced frappe and, reminiscent of something by ABC, is totally danceable. 'My House' is a late night affair and has a bigger bassline than someone with LOADS of bassline and is a little less serious than what has gone before. Lyrically it is less important too. Mount seems to have been able to chill a little and push the constant touring and stress to the back of the bus. 'Old Skool' is a stab, I think, at the glitzy hedonistic antics of an uptown London, and the title track is a joking glance back to the times before they were parcelled up and sent to tour land. 'Night Owl' is a gem and if your little feet aren't tapping to this there is something wrong with you. All in all, this is a good jump back to the present and a must for all Metronomy fans. It had me tapping and moving like I did back in the day, which I can tell you is no mean feat nowadays. Good stuff!

Track Listing:-
1 Back Together
2 Miami Logic
3 Old Skool
4 16 Beat
5 Hang Me out to Dry (with Robyn)
6 Mick Slow
7 My House
8 Night Owl
9 Love's Not an Obstacle
10 Summer Jam

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