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Django Django - Django Django

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 18 / 3 / 2012

Django Django - Django Django
Label: Because Music
Format: CD


Eclectic but sometimes clinical debut album from Edinburgh-formed pop act, Django Django

Django Django: Men? Or astromen? Well, the Edinburgh quartet might live in east London now but their hearts are clearly speared on the central antenna of the Jodrell Bank super telescope, so you can draw your own conclusions. Garage guitars, prog synths, waltz rhythms, random clanging noises; the band take a galaxy of sounds, genres, moods and ideas to create their own mini universe, governed by the timeless principle of ear-friendly pop nous. There's not a far-flung combination the album doesn't take a tilt at. Waveforms combines military-sounding Brazilian baile funk beats with a choppy garage guitar sound and random whistling, and Firewater underpins summery acoustica with 70's glam rock drums. 'Wor' surfs along on a wave of throbbing Dick Dale guitars while the cheesy synths and undulating middle eastern quarter-tone scale of 'Skies Over Cairo' transport you to a trashy Dubai nightclub slap-bang in the middle of the 80s. The whole thing is glued together with tight, Beach Boys harmonies and a confident, driving momentum. While Django Django teems with ideas, though, overall, it needs a bit of rocket fuel; the execution is just the polite side of 'precise and engineered' for it to truly ignite. But with their wide-eyed 'anything's possible' attitude who wouldn't want to be around if DD decide to grow their hair and conduct their bold experiments with grubby hands and a belly full of strong grog next time?

Track Listing:-
1 Introduction
2 Hail Bop
3 Default
4 Firewater
5 Waveforms
6 Zumm Zumm
7 Hand Of Man
8 Love's Dart
10 Storm
11 Life's A Beach
12 Skies Over Cairo
13 Silver Rays

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