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Gizeh Records


Aidan Baker (2013)

Already Drowning
Compelling new album from Canadian multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker, which inspired by myths and folk tales about female water spirits, finds him working with eight women vocalists

Aidan Baker and Claire Brentnall (2017)

Delirious Things
Magnificent 80's-influenced experimental synth rock from Canadian born musician Aidan Baker, which, the latest release in Gizeh Records' new Dark Peak series, features guest vocals from Shield Patterns' Claire Brentnall

Astrid and Rachel Grimes (2018)

Through the Sparkle
Melancholic yet powerful collaboration between French experimental ensemble and American pianist Rachel Grimes

A-Sun Amissa (2012)

Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep
Excellent debut album from Leeds trio A-Sun Amissa, which consisting of former members of Glissando, combine dense dreamscapes and blissfully minimalist drone textures

A-Sun Amissa (2018)

Ceremony in the Stillness
Superb new offering from ambient collective A-Sun Amissa upon which they break new ground

Brave Timbers (2016)

Subtle second album which strikes alll the right chords from Brave Timbers, the instrumental project of former Last Harbour and Lanterns on the Lake violinist and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Kemp who has collaborated on it with pianist Andrew Scrogham

Conquering Animal Sound (2011)

Wintry-sounding debut album from ethereal Scottish duo Conquering Animal Sound, while while slow to get on going has many strong moments

Glissando (2008)

With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards The Burning Sea
Dark and disturbing but haunting ambience on debut album from Leeds-based group Glissando, the project of one-time couple Elly May Irving and Richard Knox

Her Name is Calla (2008)

The Heritage
Relentlessly dark, but totally captivating mini album from Leicester-based shoegazing group Her Name is Calla

Julia Kent and Jean DL (2018)

The Great Lake Swallows
Captivating and brooding joint album from cellist Julia Kent and experimental guitarist Jean D.L. Charleroi

Mere (2012)

Unsettling, but highly original dark-ambient jazz on debut album from semi-improvised Dutch trio, Mere

Redjetson (2009)

Other Arms
Somewhat anti-climatic post-rock on posthumous second album from Essex-based band Redjetson, who broke up last year

Shield Patterns (2016)

Mirror Breathing
Exquisite and atmospheric second album from experimental Manchester-based duo, Shield Patterns

Shield Patterns (2014)

Contour Lines
Mysterious and disorientating but ultimately haunting debut album from Manchester-based electronic duo, Shield Patterns

Sleepingdog (2011)

With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields
Fragile-voiced, but musically unstructured and dull third album from experimental duo, Sleepingdog

Sleepingdog (2009)

Polar Life
Beautifully melancholic ambience on debut album from Sleeping Dog, the project of lullaby-voiced Netherlands-based singer Chantel Acda

Snowdrops (2019)

Manta Ray
Uncompromising soundtrack by Snowdrops, the duo of Mathieu Gabry and Christine Ott, for award-winning soundtrack ‘Manta Ray’

Tomorrow We Sail (2014)

For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight
Melancholic, but polished blending of folk, classical and rock music on long-anticipated debut album from Leeds-based seven-piece,Tomorrow We Sail

Trespassers William (2009)

The Natural Order of Things
Enchanting ethereality on ambient latest EP from Southern Californian duo, Trespassers William

Worriedaboutsatan (2009)

Pleasant, but mundane and uncharismatic electronic ambience on debut album from Leeds-based group, Worriedaboutsatan



Interview It Hugs Back - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Richard Knox, the guitarist with Leeds-based post-rock act Glissando’s second album, ‘The World Without Us’, its difficult making and his growing label, Gizeh Records

Shield Patterns
Interview Shield Patterns - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Richard Knox, the owner of Gizeh Records, about Shield Patterns, the electronic duo that he has formed with Manchester-based singer-songwriter Claire Brentnall; their debut album, 'Contour Lines', and his growing label

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