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Trespassers William - The Natural Order of Things

  by Sarah Mwangi

published: 8 / 5 / 2009

Trespassers William - The Natural Order of Things
Label: Gizeh Records
Format: CDS


Enchanting ethereality on ambient latest EP from Southern Californian duo, Trespassers William

As Trespassers William, duo Anna-Lynne Williams and Matt Brown release this five-song EP which use distorted soundscapes to illuminate Williams’ ability to portray strength and frailty simultaneously. ‘Sparrow’ is a steady drum beat accompanied by an equally non-threatening guitar riff that could be too plain were it not for Williams’ honey-soaked vocals. Coating everything in its path, her ever-enchanting vocals leave behind rich and intricate arrangements of ethereal melodies. It’s not what Williams sings that is of importance here, although the lyrics are provided in the sleeve, but it is the way that she sings. With her angelic charm, she will have you and, with in the ‘Red’, she will lead you. From calm streams and rivers, you will follow as her sultry siren calls pull you further out to sea, where the echoes of Brown’s sharp guitar strikes foretell your fate with the jagged rocks ahead. And by your watery grave she will sing of her regret, of catching, not breaking, what she holds in ‘Catch Not Break’. Not solely indebted to Williams’ natural talent, ‘The Natural Order of Thing’ is filled with beautifully structured layers of sounds which pulsate, fuzz and shuffle throughout the five songs. And yet somehow, in ‘I Could Go Back’, Brown’s light guitar work pierces through all these layers and finds a way to shine like the sun itself. As a whole, the songs are likely to get lost in the background if they don’t have your full attention as they fade in and out of the silence that separates them. However, a simple push of the shuffle button will disrupt the natural order of the album, releasing the songs from their ambient restraints, enabling you to spot the stand out tracks that elevate this EP to the forefront.

Track Listing:-
1 Sparrow
2 Red
3 The Lids
4 I Could Go Back
5 Catch Not Break

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