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Studio Rockers


ANS (2010)

Everyday Bullshit
Enjoyable and deep-sounding dubstep on new three track vinyl EP from Czech group ANS

Caper (2008)

Infectious dubstep on new single from electronic act Caper

Eskmo (2008)

Willow Grail
Immaculate dubstep on excellent new EP from Eskmo, the project of Californian musician Brendan Angelides

EVM128 (2014)

Naked Truth EP
Initially unappealing but ultimately entertaining new EP from Bristol-born but now London-based soul producer and DJ, EVM128

Jazzsteppa (2010)

Investment Decision
Sweet and subtle dubstep on new twelve inch vinyl single from duo, Jazzsteppa

Jazzsteppa (2011)

Hyper Nomads
Astonishing latest album from politically-conscious multinational dub collective, Jazzsteppa

Jazzsteppa and Foreign Beggars (2011)

Raising the Bar
Abrasive dubstep on joint single between Jazzsteppa and Foreign Beggars

Lewis Badwan (2013)

A Season for Strangers
Pleasantly disorientating and versatile EP from Kingston-upon-Thames-based composer, Lewis Badwan

Miss Omega (2011)

Know My Name
Stunningly beautiful debut single from Miss Omega, the nom de plume for reggae artist Elisa James

Miss Omega (2011)

Know My Name
Fantastic set of remixes of recent debut single from Utah-based reggae artist, Miss Omega

Moody Boyz (2008)

Witness the Day
Mysterious dubstep on one-sided twelve inch from the heads of the Studio Rockers label, Moody Boyz

Moody Boyz Ft Pete Simpson (2009)

Other worldly, but radio friendly combination of dubstep and old style R&B and garage on new single from the Moody Boyz, which includes guest vocals from pete Simpson

MRK1 (2010)

Going Down
Complex, but rawly beautiful-sounding inch vinyl only single from pioneering dubstep act MRK1, the project of Manchester-based musician Mark Foster

MRK1 (2010)

Going Down
Dark dubstep on latest single from MRK1, the project of Manchester-based producer, Mark Foster

Nuphlo (2010)

40 Thieves
Imaginative and experimental dubstep on new EP from Leeds-based musician, Nuphlo

Various (2010)

Re-Wired EP Volume 1
Excellent four track EP compilation from the Studio Rockers label which provides a showcase for four of the best new acts on the current dub scene

Widdler (2008)

Sensi Samurai
Exquisite dubstep from the Widdler, the nom de plume of former Israeli and now New Jersey-based musician Yoni Oron

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