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Sonic Cathedral


Black Hearted Brother (2013)

Stars Are Our Home
Multi-faceted and experimental debut album from Black Hearted Brother, the new super group of Slowdive and Mojave 3's Neil Halstead, Seefeel and Locust's Mark Van Hoen and Coley Park's Nick Holton

Black Hearted Brother (2014)

Got Your Love
Hit and miss download-only single from Slowdive and Mojave 3 Neil Halstead's new band Black Hearted Brother, which includes three mixes of the title track and a new song

Cheval Sombre (2012)

Mad Love
Fantastic lo-fi psychedelia on second album from New York-based singer-songwriter, Cheval Sombre

Daniel Land and the Modern Painters (2008)

Within the Boundaries/Benjamin's Room
Perfect double A sided debut single from Daniel Land, who formed his shoegazing group, the Modern Painters, after seeing a Ulrich Schnauss DJ set in Manchester last year

Dean and Britta (2008)

White Horses
Disappointing vinyl only version from Luna's Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips of 1968 classic song

Dean Wareham (2013)

Love is Colder Than Death
Upbeat debut vinyl only solo single from ex-Galaxie 500 and Luna frontman, Dean Wareham

Early Years (2008)

Like a Suicide/The Computer Voice
Experimental hard-sounding guitar rock on new double A sided vinyl only single from London-based band the Early Years

Fairewell (2011)

Poor, Poor Grendel
Stunning debut album from Fairewell, the project of Sheffield-born electronic musician Johnny White, who has taken his inspiration for it from 'Beowulf'

Happy Families (2013)

New Forgetting
Excellent loud and classic-sounding shoegazing on first vinyl only single from London-based band, Happy Families

Japancakes (2008)

Not entirely successful double A-sided single from Georgia-based band Japancakes, which features covers of two My Bloody Valentine songs

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete (2014)

Hypnotic alternative rock on third album from Mexican duo, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Maps/M83 (2008)

To The Sky / We Own The Sky
Enjoyable split single from Maps and M83, upon which they mix each other's songs

Miranda Lee Richards (2007)

Folk-influenced vinyl only single from LA-based singer-songwriter Miranda Lee Richards, which has as its B side an outstanding distortion friendly remix from Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mojave 3 fame

Neil Halstead (2012)

Palindrome Hunches
Seductive lo-fi folk pop on third album from Slowdive and Mojave 3 front man, Neil Halstead

Sad Day for Puppets (2009)

Marble Gods/Big Waves
Excellent 60s-influenced pop on vinyl only single from Swedish-based band, Sad Day for Puppets

Sad Day for Puppets (2010)

Pale Silver and Shiny Gold
Strong second album from Swedish pop/shoegazing act, Sad Day for Puppets

Sad Day for Puppets (2009)

Unknown Colors
Fantastic debut album from Stockholm-based shoegazing band, Sad Day for Puppets

Sad Day for Puppets (2009)

When You Tell Me That You Love Me
Fine shoegazing pop from Stockholm-based band Sad Day for Puppets on new debut A sided vinyl and only single on the Sonic Cathedral label

Sarabeth Tucek (2007)

Something for You
Simple, but stunningly beautiful 7' vinyl ballad from San Francisco-based musician Sarabeth Tucek, who has collaborated recently with Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe

Sarabeth Tucek (2011)

Get Well Soon
Frequently enthralling second album from folk-influenced American singer-songwriter, Sarabeth Tucek

School of Seven Bells (2007)

My Cabal
Floor-filling Gothic rock from School of Seven Bells, which features twin sister vocalists Alejandra and Claudia Dehaza

Spectres (2015)

Fine but somewhat formulaic noise rock on debut album from abrasive Bristol-based group, Spectres

Spectres (2016)

Hit and miss remix album for Bristol band Spectres of their debut album 'Dying', which has thhe desired effect of being stunning and irritating in equal measure

Vacant Lots (2014)

Enthralling psychedelic rock on debut album from American duo, the Vacant Lots

Various (2014)

Psych for Sore Eyes
Excellent, beautifully-packaged double 7 inch EP, the second in an occasional vinyl series, which highlights some of the best new psych acts

Various (2009)

Cathedral Classics Volume One
Superb compilation that consists of tracks from the now hard-to-find first twelve 7 inch releases from Nu Gaze label, Sonic Cathedral.

Various (2010)

The Psychedelic Sounds of the Sonic Cathedral
Intriguing tribute covers collection on the Sonic Cathedral label to psychedelic pioneers Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators

Yeti Lane (2010)

Excellent latest EP from melodic, but experimental French group, Yeti Lane

Yeti Lane (2010)

Yeti Lane
Excellent and often upbeat debut album from versatile Parisian three piece and former space rockers, Yeti Lane

Yeti Lane (2016)

Evocative and gripping electronica on second album from Paris-based duo, Yeti Lane

Yeti Lane (2012)

The Echo Show
Excellent second album from acclaimed electronic/shoegaze French two piece, Yeti Lane

Yeti Lane (2012)

Sparkling Sunbeam
Fantastic new download only single, the first from their second album, from French duo, Yeti Lane

Young Husband (2012)

Crystal EP
Excellent second release from psychedelic-influenced London-based band, Young Husband

Young Husband (2013)

Silver Sisters
Excellent psychedelia on download only single from London-based band, Young Husband, which is being released on both download and limited edition cassette

Younghusband (2014)

Left of the Rocks
Excellent download single from London-based shoegaze band, Younghusband


Interview (2009)

Miscellaneous - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Nathaniel Cramp, the owner of London-based record label and shoegazing club Sonic Cathedral, which has just released its first compilation CD and album, which features tracks from all its singles to date



Interview Spectres - Interview

Anthony Strutt chats to much acclaimed noise rock band Spectres about their much acclaimed debut album 'Dying' and why they have decided to release it on Sonic Cathedral rather than through Howling Owl, their own label

Yeti Lane
Interview Yeti Lane - Interview

Parisian group Yeti Lane has just released its eponymous debut album to much acclaim on the Sonic Cathedral label. John Clarkson speaks to Ben and Charlie about their band and the new album


Memoirs of a Shoegazing Gentleman
Book Miscellaneous - Book

Anthony Strutt is unimpressed by record label and club night Sonic Cathedral's first book 'Memoirs of a Shoegazing Gentleman', which collates together a series of articles published in the early 1990s in a spoof column in the 'NME'


Sonic Cathedral Nights, 30/4/2008 and 12/5/2008
Social, London, 30/4/2008 Ulrich Schnauss - Social, London, 30/4/2008

At the Social in London Anthony Strutt enjoys two nights put on by excellent shoegazing label Sonic Cathedral, the first featuring Maps and Ulrich Schnauss, and the second headlined by loud American trio, A Place to Bury Strangers

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