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Sad Day for Puppets - Pale Silver and Shiny Gold

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 3 / 11 / 2010

Sad Day for Puppets - Pale Silver and Shiny Gold
Label: Sonic Cathedral
Format: CD


Strong second album from Swedish pop/shoegazing act, Sad Day for Puppets

'Pale Silver and Shiny Gold' is the second album from the Swedish band Sad Day for Puppets, and like its predecessor, 'Unknown Colors', has been released on their own label back in Sweden and on Sonic Cathedral in Britain. This does sound very much like they still are carrying their influences on their sleeve, but at the same time they are improving also. 'Sorrow, Sorrow' kicks it off. With singer Anna Eklund's vocals and their lush harmonies and jangly guitars, they sound like a female-fronted Teenage Fanclub. This is a song to remind you of our lost summer. 'Such a Waste' is back to their first love of Dinosaur Jr. It is fast, furious, fun and also more polished too. 'Anne Says Pt.2' is like a gritty Catatonia, while 'Shadows' is energetic and fiery. 'Beads' is as soft as a nursery rhyme. 'Monster and the Beast' sounds like Neil Young and Crazy Horse being fronted by Monica Queen and also adds a touch of flute. 'Touch' is chunky with big riffs and finds them in Dinosaur Jr land again. 'Fuzzy Feather' is very poppy and has harmonies to die for. 'First Time' is soft and as warm as warm honey. 'Tingle in My Hand' is a gentle number to end with, but still has some Dinosaur Jr grit. A strong second album.

Track Listing:-
1 Sorrow, Sorrow
2 Such A Waste
3 Anne Says Pt.II
4 Shadows
5 Beads
6 Monster & The Beast
7 Touch
8 Fuzzy Feather
9 First Time
10 Tingle In My Hand

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