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Upset The Rhythm


Gentle Friendly (2009)

Ride Slow
Intoxicating debut album of contrasting sounds from Peckham-based two piece, Gentle Friendly

Green Child (2020)

Shimmering Basset
Impressive electropop recorded on vintage synths on second album from the Green Child which promises much for the future

Halo Halo (2013)

Halo Halo
Off-kilter and unique debut album from London-based trio Halo Halo, which is partially sung in Filipino and fronted by electric banjo-player Rachel Horwood

Lunch Lady (2019)

First-rate 80's-influenced new wave/post-punk on debut album from Los Angeles group Lunch Lady

Normil Hawaiians (2015)

Return of the Ranters
Fabulous third album from Welsh new wave band Normil Hawaiians which, having been lost for over three decades, proves to be a timely rediscovery

Rattle (2018)

Demanding but compelling second album from Nottingham-based experimental drum and vocal duo Rattle

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