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Gentle Friendly - Ride Slow

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 10 / 11 / 2009

Gentle Friendly - Ride Slow
Label: Upset The Rhythm
Format: CD


Intoxicating debut album of contrasting sounds from Peckham-based two piece, Gentle Friendly

Non-style is a recently new genre, ha! Gentle Friendly too do not feel bound by the limits set by a certain style, yet do use some sort of formula of course. The duo is extravagant, but also play the basic instruments. The song structures are conventional, easily recognisable, leaving room for a continuously bustling frenzy. These days technology allows us to copy, paste and perfect anything from digital formats. Not Gentle Friendly though, David and Daniel prefer to perform music from human memory as on 'NO 808 ON'. Moreover, they don't use polish. 'Ride Slow' flirts with traditional pop music, new wave, arty bebop and drone and brews a stomping party. Big fun, this is both an intoxicating cocktail and a whirlwind; Gentle Friendly doesn't ride slow at all, you see. Neither does the album cover hint in any way at the music and neither does this duo sound gentle and friendly. They must have had childish fun though in recording these lo-fi blockbusters. Gentle Friendly remind me most of Moe Tucker's solo albums. They gave their best and that counts for much on this debut album.

Track Listing:-
1 No Infinity On (III)
2 RIP Static
3 Clean Breaker
4 LA Welle
5 Lovers Rock
6 Shrines & Shit
7 Real R. I. P Static
8 Police & Love
9 Real Fighters
10 Vincentt
11 No 808 On
12 Patty Island 4
13 Slengteng
14 Illuminate His Face
15 Earths Move

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