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Cherryade Records


Bobby McGees (2007)

S'Amuser Com Des Fous
Excellent twee pop on new six track 7' EP from the ukelele-playing Bobby McGee's.

Bobby McGees (2009)

L'Appropriation Bourgoisie De La Bobby McGees
Enjoyable, snappy-sounding twee pop on debut album from Brighton-based four-piece, the Bobby McGee's

Candy Panic Attack (2007)

Fruit is Nature's Candy
Inoffensive, but ultimately forgettable pop punk on vinyl only EP from London-based band Candy Panic Attack

Lovely Eggs (2009)

If You Were Fruit
Repetitive and quickly tiresome chaotic-in-sund indiepop on debut album from Lancaster-based duo, the Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs (2012)

Food/In Watermelon Sugar
Excellent super fast and thrashy new wave on vinyl only single from indie duo, the Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs (2008)

Have You Heard the Lovely Eggs
Splendid lo-fi pop on debut vinyl only EP from Lancaster-based duo the Lovely Eggs, which will be enjoyed by fans of Bearsuit

Ste McCabe (2008)

Pink Bomb
Promising debut EP from Manchester-based singer-songwriter, Ste McCabe, who draws comparisions with Welsh all girl indie trio, Helen Love

Ste McCabe (2008)

Hate Mail
Fine gay electro pop on debut album from Manchester-based singer-songwriter Ste McCabe, who draws comparisons with all girl Welsh trio Helen Love

Ste McCabe (2009)

Murder Music
Caustic second album from Manchester-based queer punk Ste McCabe, which draws comparisons with both Helen Love and the Ramones

Steveless (2007)

Mistakes in All the Right Places
Fast, witty, shambolic and short-lived experimental pop on latest album from Bristol noise punks, Steveless

Tall Pony (2007)

I'm Your Boyfriend Now
80's influenced sophen-word electro pop from chauvinistic duo, Tall Pony



Listen With Sarah
Profile Lina - Profile

Listen with Sarah, the project of experimental musician Sarah Nelson, has both a double A sided single, 'My Little Hula Girl'/'Animal Boum', and a 6 track EP, 'The World of Listen With Sarah' out on Cherryade Records. Jamie Rowland looks at both of her new releases

Interview with Rachel Neiman Miscellaneous - Interview with Rachel Neiman

Cherryade Records is a new label run by student Rachael Neiman. With its first release, the debut release by Bristol noise punks Steveless, now available, Jamie Rowland talks to Rachel about how and why she started Cherryade

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